“In a patent published today, Apple explores the potential of the iPhone to act as an intelligent remote with the kind of functionality typically associated with high-end home automation setups,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “The idea is based around the concept of ‘scenes’. Having a romantic night in with your partner? You probably want the lights dimmed, the music on softly, the TV off. Movie night? The big-screen on, Apple TV selected as the source, surround-sound speakers selected, volume up higher – and so on. Smart remotes have existed for many years, and there’s of course nothing new about using an iPhone as a remote, but it’s another sign that Apple has big plans for the living-room.”

“In an unrelated patent, Apple is also exploring a kind of ‘silent disco plus,'” Lovejoy reports. “Silent discos, if you haven’t seen them, are where a nightclub issues visitors with infra-red or wifi headphones and broadcasts the music to them. The visitors are all dancing away to the same track, but no-one else hears the music.”

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