“Apple has a figured out how to play a part in the reinvention of television, and here’s how it’s about to do it. Meanwhile, Google’s attempt to emulate Apple TV with Chromecast underlines the weakness in that firm’s television strategy so far,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“You’ll be able to plug your Apple television into your choice of cable provider, and you’ll be able to access the services you pay for. You’ll do so through an Apple-designed user interface, including apps and gesture, and Siri remote control support,” Evans writes. “You’ll be able to download apps… and you’ll be able to add some international channels to your experience… You’ll be able to skip ads on what you’re watching for a fee… and you’ll be able to rent iTunes Movies in UltraHD…”

Evans writes, “I imagine that after the inevitable failure of Chromecast (loads will buy one, few will use one, in common with the rest of the Android ‘experience’), Google will be driven to do something similar, though when it tries to do so it will be hard-pressed to deliver a viable business plan with which to please the very content providers who have been litigating against the company’s search services for the last few years.”

Much more in the full article here.

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