“Google’s rivals have called its proposed antitrust settlement with Brussels too weak to redress the imbalance in the internet search market – and warned it is likely to have the opposite effect, discouraging users from visiting rival sites,” Richard Waters and Alex Barker report for The Financial Times.

“The deal, intended to make Google list more competitors’ services, contains loopholes that will undermine its impact, some opponents of the US search company say,” Waters and Barker report. “Their critiques are the first in-depth responses to the provisional deal the US company struck with Joaquín Almunia, EU competition commissioner, this year.”

Waters and Barker report, “Mr Almunia will have to decide next month whether to try to force Google to make more concessions to head off a possible formal complaint, following the end of a ‘market testing’ period for the draft remedies agreed so far.”

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