“A curious thing happened after last week’s big reveal of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S 4,” Galen Gruman writes for InfoWorld. “While the hype around Samsung as the new innovation leader went over the top, the disappointment around the S 4 hit immediately. That conflict shows that something is really off in the tech industry and among the tech punditry. I’d go so far as to say the industry and punditry at large have crossed into a parallel universe of stupidity.”

“If you define innovation as changing the game, Apple is responsible for nearly all the innovations we see in mobile today… gestures, apps, app stores, phones as computers, phones as media devices, contextual operation, and the notion of a unified ecosystem across device types — are Apple’s,” Gruman writes. “As Trip Chowdhry notes, they set the assumptions for every mobile device out there, whether running Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Ubuntu, or another OS. Each platform may bring its own inventions and distinctions to the table, but they’re playing in the world Apple defined.”

Gruman writes, “Samsung has done nothing like that — it just copied and sometimes refined or extended Apple’s innovation, he says: ‘There have always been ‘innovators’ who drink their own Kool-Aid. Samsung has done nothing significant to the user experience.'”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Cognativedisonance” for the heads up.]