“Dave Morgan has particular insight into the challenges Apple has in taking on such an established industry,” Robert Hof writes for Forbes. “As CEO of Simulmedia, a data-driven ad network for television, he works with the television powers-that-be who are trying to make sure Apple doesn’t do a number on their business like it did on the music business.”

“Morgan thinks it’s inevitable that Apple will make a television – eventually. Just not all that soon, at least not in a way that will set it apart from other TV makers,” Hof writes. “‘Clearly, Apple’s thing isn’t just to make money on the hardware,’ he says. ‘It sells the bundle–including content,’ like music on the iPod. And it hasn’t been able to do that with the TV industry. He lays out five reasons why [in the full article].

Hof writes, “But Morgan thinks Apple could bust into the elite club – and this is where the crazy idea comes in. He thinks Apple could buy a big producer of TV shows and movies. He suggests that it would take a third (by now, actually, a little more than that) of Apple’s $137 billion cash hoard to buy Time Warner.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve already suggested, most recently here, when discussing reasons for Apple’s huge cash accumulation. It’s not that crazy. Money provides much leverage.