“The special dividend variable is quickly turning into a significant Wall Street anomaly that will have unintended consequences,” Jason Schwarz writes for Seeking Alpha. “Without a precedent it’s difficult to forecast exactly what will happen, but we’ve come up with three likely consequences.”

Consequence #1: Those companies who prepay 2013 dividends and beyond will become less attractive to income funds over the next year
Consequence #2: Any company that chooses not to participate in the special dividend will become more attractive to income funds in 2013
Consequence #3: In the short run, non special dividend participants will face selling pressure as institutional money managers re-allocate to maximize exposure to the anomaly

“Apple’s refusal to issue a special dividend is causing a third wave of its sell-off that began on September 21st,” Schwarz writes. The first wave was caused by institutional re-balancing due to Apple’s 74.9% YTD returns, the second wave was caused by the hangover effect of President Obama’s re-election and the third wave is being caused by special dividend posturing as funds sell Apple in order to gain exposure to the dividend bubble.”

Schwarz writes, “Apple’s rally window is coming, this dividend bubble will likely enhance Apple’s next rally, but we’ll need to endure another dip before it takes off.”

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