“Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest technology firm by revenue, raised the price of mobile processor supplied to Apple Inc. by 20% recently, Chosun Ilbo reported Monday, citing a person familiar with negotiations between the two tech giants,” MarketWatch reports.

“‘Samsung Electronics recently asked Apple for a significant price raise in (the mobile processor known as) application processor,’ the person was quoted as saying in the report. ‘Apple first disapproved it, but finding no replacement supplier, it accepted the (increase),'” MarketWatch reports. “According to the report, Apple buys all APs used for production of iPhone and iPad from Samsung Electronics with the volume estimated to be 130 million units last year and more than 200 million units this year.”

MarketWatch reports, “Samsung Electronics has a long-term contract to supply APs to Apple until 2014, the report added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple put themselves in this sticky supplier situation, so what took Samsung so long and why not hike prices 100%, at least?

Apple could have – and should have – dropped Samsung like a bad habit years ago. Not one red cent should be going from Apple to Samsung today. It’s a travesty. It’s poor planning. And it’s bad business.MacDailyNews Take, June 1, 2012

That said, boycott Samsung-branded products.