“Amid the excitement of Apple’s Tuesday event, which featured the iPad mini and the new Retina-equipped MacBook Pro 13-inch, iMac users got something they’ve been anticipating for nearly 1.5 years – the announcement of a new iMac,” Brian Westover reports for PC Magazine.

“The iMac has gone through several changes in its eight iterations. The bondi-blue plastic iMac gave way to the pedestal design, which in turn gave way to the all-in-one design, first in white plastic, and then in brushed aluminum,” Westover reports. “In that sense, the newest iMacs look a whole lot like the previous generation—glass covered displays, with brushed aluminum chassis and stand. There is, however, one major difference. The new iMac is a lot slimmer.”

Westover reports, “When viewed directly from the front, in fact, you could even mistake the new model for the old. View it at an angle, however, and the difference is stark—the new model is nearly an inch thinner, with 40 percent less volume and 8 fewer pounds… The new iMacs also benefit from Apple’s Fusion Drive, which adds a 128GB of flash storage to the hard drive, and dynamically manages the memory, shifting less used programs to the hard drive, reserving the speedier flash memory for the most often used apps for faster day-to-day performance. It’s also seamless, showing up as one logical drive without the need for user management.”

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