“Google’s Motorola Mobility subsidiary went looking for an address that didn’t actually exist in an effort to artificially portray Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps as deficient,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“An ad promoting Motorola’s Droid RAZR M is portrayed being able to locate an address that iOS 6 Maps directs to a wrong road name in what appears to be the wrong city,” Dilger reports. “‘Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan?’ Motorola Mobility posed on its Google+ site. ‘Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.'”

Dilger reports, “The problem, as noted by reader AMD Pettitte, is that 315 E 15th Street is not an actual address in Manhattan. A public park sits on that side of the street, making none of the block’s odd numbers a valid address. The number will never be a valid address in Manhattan… If you’re searching for an phony address that doesn’t actually exist, you’re already lost. You can’t blame Apple, and neither should Google.”

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