“Now that Apple has successfully landed on Mars, I think it’s time the company moved forward its plans to build a resort on the moon,” Mark Webster reports for The New Zealand Herald.

“OK, as you may realise, Apple didn’t strictly land on Mars – not at all. No, that’s a ridiculous statement,” Webster reports. “The truth is, NASA landed a Mac on Mars by using MacBook Pros.”

Webster reports, “So the credit actually goes to the official US space program – it just happens to have excellent taste in computers. Obviously, despite its considerable expertise and knowledge, NASA hasn’t realised that Macs are ‘just fashion accessories,’ as some commenters on Mac Planet repeatedly assert… As an insightful redditor noted, ‘Curiosity is essentially a 2-CPU Power Macintosh G3 with some nifty peripherals and one hell of a UPS.’ It’s also running an OS akin to that on the iPod (not iPhone).”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rick” for the heads up.]

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