“I first used Windows on a TULIP portable computer, some twenty years ago. Graphical user interface, icons, mouse, an amazing new world was ushered in before my wide eyes,” Max Zografos writes for TechCrunch.

MacDailyNews Take: All lifted from Apple and implemented upside-down and backwards in order to try to avoid getting sued.

“At university, I scored a summer internship with Microsoft. I sported a Microsoft collared shirt and showed off my ‘Microsoft Product Specialist’ badge with infinite pride,” Zografos writes. “When Windows 2000 launched, I distributed official evaluation copies to the School of Engineering. Lecturers didn’t hide their admiration, and wonder, about my infatuation with this company. They called me the ‘Microsoft man,’ which I saw as a compliment.”

MacDailyNews Take: Misguided youth.

Zografos writes, “Like Alice in Wonderland, I pranced around the campus, drinking as much of the Microsoft Kool-Aid as I possibly could. In 2007, I obtained a ‘blue badge.’ I was a full-time employee now. One of them.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Fully brainwashed and delusional.

Zografos writes, “In time, my eyes opened. We were box tickers and pen pushers. Any original thinking was sacrificed at the altar of time-proven, common sense process. Efforts to break the mould were all but punished.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Time discovers truth.” – Seneca

Zografos writes, “Strategy reviews, deep dives, virtual coffee breaks, quarterly off-sites, monthly get-togethers, director summits, leadership meetings, etc. Yikes, who is going to organise all that? Fear not. Every team has their very own ‘business manager.’ And since business managers are too senior to be bogged down with logistics, enter the legions of ‘support managers’ and ‘administrative assistants’ reporting to business managers. Large companies have overheads, a necessary evil, you say. Overheads need to be managed. And managed they are: Group Managers, Program managers, General managers, together with ‘Senior’ flavours of those and a whole new breed of directors, stakeholders, business owners, relationship leads coupled with their own countless derivatives.”

“This company is becoming the McDonald’s of computing. Cheap, mass products, available everywhere. No nutrients, no ideas, no culture. Windows 8 is a fine example. The new Metro interface displays nonstop, trivial updates from Facebook, Twitter, news sites and stock tickers. Streams of raw noise distract users from the moment they login,” Zografos writes. “In an already loud world, all Windows 8 does is increase the decibels.”

MacDailyNews Take: Metro performs that circus act in order to try to hide the fact that the tent is empty. There are precious few apps and precious few developers. And what apps and developers it has have already forced first on iOS and then on its idiot clone before porting their wares to Microsoft’s way late entry. Those tiles are meant to hide a bottomless pit that should be full of apps and accessories, but isn’t be base Apple took them all over half a decade ago.

Zografos writes, “Mea Culpa: I should have left on my own volition, much earlier.”

Read the email that Zografos sent to a Microsoft VP that got him fired from one of, if not the worst companies to ever exist here.

MacDailyNews Take: Meeting upon empty meeting conducted within and beneath a soul-crushing bureaucracy. Sounds like friggin’ Fidelity Investments*, not a technology firm.

May Ballmer T. Clown remain CEO for as long as it takes!

*Non-catatonic Fidelity employees are nodding knowingly right now.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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