“A bubble is a bubble. People can see them clearly in retrospect but seem unable to see them before they implode,” Clem Chambers writes for Forbes. “Apple’s stock price is a bubble.”

Chambers writes, “As far as I can see Apple is valued by a logic all of its own, where the upsides are valued to the max and the downsides are written off–this is classic bubble thinking.”

5 reasons to sell Apple:
1. Apple is Apple because of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is gone… Great men do not have great successors.
2. It’s a toy company. A toy company can’t be the U.S.’ most valuable company for long…
3. You have too much of Apple… If you have your only fortune tied up in Apple, because you have ridden this amazing stock up to these crazy levels, you should top slice your position at the very least (that is to say sell half). Think of it as taking your retirement early.
4. The chart says so. If it looks like a bubble and acts like a bubble, it’s a bubble.
5. The cab driver is tipping Apple. When cabbies are talking about taking out Ninja loans to buy Las Vegas property, you know the real estate boom is over.

Chambers writes, “Let me be clear: I wish the best for the NY cabbie with his Apple stock. I hope Apple bounces back and smashes its way to $1 trillion of market cap, but gravity and hope are not best friends.”

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