“You could argue that Apple has changed the way we do things several times. The way we buy music, use our phones, operate our computers and so on,” David Pogue reports for The New York Times. “But the world has pretty much overlooked one of Apple’s greatest ideas yet: messages.”

“It started with iMessages, an iPhone/iPad app that lets you send text messages between Apple hand-held gadgets without cost,” Pogue reports. “Instead of using the cellphone network (and paying 20 cents each or whatever), texts you send using this little app get sent across the Internet, costing you pretty much nothing.”

Pogue reports, “Messages is cool. And coolly clever, the way it cuts the cellphone company out of the revenue stream. But that’s not the big news. Apple announced recently that this summer, it will release a new version of Mac OS X called Mountain Lion. And Mountain Lion will come with a new Mac app called Messages. You can download the beta version of Messages free, right now, even before Mountain Lion is available… Suddenly your computer and your phone are sharing the same communications stream.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Actually, for us Mac users, at least, it really started way back in August 2002 with iChat. But, if you’re an Apple come lately, you get the iMessage.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]