“It’s no secret that President Barack Obama is a fan of Apple gadgets, and they are all around him: at his fingertips during a Twitter town hall, on his desk at the Oval Office and by his side en route to golf games,” Amie Parnes and Kim Hart report for Politico.

“Now, due to popular demand by aides, the White House is moving to incorporate Apple devices into its daily routine,” Parnes and Hart report. “Last month, the information technology office launched a pilot program for the Executive Office of the President that allows Apple-loving staffers to access their official email accounts on their iPads and iPhones through a secure connection.”

“Last month, when Obama left to play a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base, he carried his iPad. And when he appeared at the White House Twitter town hall in July, he used a MacBook Pro, although the Apple symbol was covered with the presidential seal. He also has an iPod,” Parnes and Hart report. “At the White House, where nearly every image is carefully planned and executed, it is no coincidence that the president was seen carting his iPad to a golf game, observers say. Nor was it a coincidence that Obama sat beside Jobs at a dinner in Silicon Valley earlier this year.”

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“Obama still uses his Secret Service-approved BlackBerry instead of an iPhone. And even though he doesn’t have a computer in the Oval Office, aides said he has a Dell upstairs in his private study,” Parnes and Hart report. “Obama’s Republican presidential rivals are invoking Apple to reinforce their message about job creation — though they’ve pointed out that Apple’s products are mostly made in Asia rather than in the U.S. They say the country would benefit if Apple made its products here, creating new manufacturing jobs. ‘We need American entrepreneurs not only thinking of products like the iPhone or Segway,’ presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said in a speech on Wednesday. ‘We need American workers building those products. It’s time for ‘Made in America’ to mean something again.'”

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