“The humongous Apple mother ship campus will one day call Cupertino home, but it’ll sit so close to Sunnyvale and Santa Clara that residents there will be able to look out their windows and catch a glimpse of Steve Jobs heading to work — along with 12,000 other employees,” Mike Rosenberg reports for The Mercury News.

MacDailyNews Take: From your keyboard to God’s ears, Mike.

“But the tech giant’s pure economic prowess, with its potential to raise nearby property values and bring good jobs to the region, is easing — for now, at least — the typical NIMBY-like disputes and border wars that have plagued these cities in the past,” Rosenberg reports. “So even though Cupertino will soak up the worldwide prestige and millions of dollars in tax revenues, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara are not raising alarm yet about the extra traffic, noise and other suburban headaches sure to be buzzing around their borders.”

Rosenberg reports, “Sunnyvale Mayor Melinda Hamilton and Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews say that even with their cities having no control over the project or direct tax benefit from the giant building, they’ll be riding the Apple wave all the way to the bank. ‘There will be people who want to buy homes here, to eat lunch, and we’re right on the border,’ Hamilton said. ‘Proximity is a huge deal. Having more and better jobs brings the whole region up. That success breeds success.'”

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