“Ever since iTunes first launch as a digital music store Apple has been adding more and more content to it making the application an almost one-stop shop for your digital needs,” Alan Cone reports for Newowin. “Ranging from music to videos, and even mobile applications iTunes does it all. Curiously though, when Apple released the Mac App Store, this came as a separate application.”

Cone reports, “On an Italian Apple blog, Slide To Mac, they have an image which appears to show the classic App Store logo with the words “Coming Soon” below it within iTunes. While this makes sense on the Mac side, it would lead to drastic differences between the OS X and Windows versions of iTunes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It seems minor, but having to launch the Mac App Store as a separate app means fewer visits than if it was in iTunes for Mac right by the App Store icon. We’re in iTunes all the time, but we have to remember to launch the Mac App Store.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sam” for the heads up.]