“Starting at $229, the new-and-truly-improved Apple TV, re-released last month, is a device that could change the entertainment world, again,” Mark Kellner reports for The Washington Times.

Apple TV 2.0 is now “able to download music, pictures, video and movies to the device and work with them directly… and the result is stunning,” Kellner reports.

“Thanks to our Verizon FiOS connection and a wireless router, the rental downloaded in under five minutes and played in perfect HD, with very good sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, to be precise,” Kellner reports. “Using Apple TV makes me very glad I don’t own stock in a video rental chain.”

“I’m told that the unit is always ‘on’ to allow it to ‘talk’ to the wireless network and receive software updates. My ‘inner BGE customer,’ however, would like to see a power off switch somewhere,” Kellner reports. “But that’s my only quibble: setup, wireless networking and usage are all flawless.”

MacDailyNews Note: To put Apple TV in standby mode press and hold the Apple TV remote’s “Play/Pause” button for about 6 seconds. The status light will turn off. Standby mode is not “off” (pulling the cord is the only way to truly turn the Apple TV completely off), but it is as close as most users will probably want to come with equipment that is meant to be an “appliance” or able to instantly turn “on.” Find more info in Apple’s Apple TV Setup Guide.

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