“To many observers it is one of the great mysteries of the electronics world. Not how the iPod became such a huge success, but how other manufacturers have still failed to effectively compete against the white ear bud toting little player from the company formerly known as Apple computer. Yet with each passing year, the total dominance of Apple Inc.’s humble little player continues to baffle experts. As each new device from competitors is hailed as an ‘iPod Killer’ and promptly fails to live up to expectations analysts seem to have finally given up on the term altogether,” Thomas Fitzgerald blogs for thomas-fitzgerald.net. “But why hasn’t anyone been able to create or market a music player that can effectively take on Apple’s iPod?”

Fitzgerald writes, “It was the recent launch of the iPhone, and more important the reaction to it that made me realise what the key is. I think most manufacturers simply still cannot grasp that the iPod could have ever been a success, even though the reality is staring them in the face. I think that there is this feeling among many boardrooms is that the success of the iPod is a fluke; after all, this is the company that in the minds of many business people, failed so spectacularly with the mac. What makes me think that? Well, much of the reaction to the iPhone is the same as the reaction to the iPod when it was released. Manufacturers are assuming it will be a failure because they offer devices with similar functionality for less money.”

Fitzgerald writes, “Last week, Apple once again showed a better way of doing something… Electronics firms are not going to respond to the iPhone, because in their eyes, the iPhone couldn’t possibly be a success.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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