“This week, we tested a new software program that integrates with iTunes in an attempt to add social networking to your listening routine. This program, named iLike, comes from a company of the same name. ILike is a free download that works with iTunes running on Macs and Windows PCs, and is available starting today at www.iLike.com,” Walter S. Mossberg and Katherine Boehret report for The Wall Street Journal.

Mossberg and Boehret report, “We downloaded iLike on various computers and were pleased, overall, with how it worked. It studies your entire music library and your listening — not buying — habits before suggesting related songs. It shows you what your friends are currently listening to and sets up a Web site where your music tastes are organized for others to see, encouraging social networking according to your music compatibility with other users.”

“But iLike still has some kinks. We were frustrated when it suggested songs that we already owned, or when it didn’t offer any similar songs for our lesser-known tracks,” Mossberg and Boehret report. “The first time you open iTunes after downloading iLike, the new program appears in a vertical panel on the far right side of your iTunes screen, sleekly sliding underneath the player whenever you’d like to hide it. Four tabs can be opened in iLike: Related, Friends, Playlists and Profile. The design and user interface of iLike are quite polished and Apple-like. The side panel looks like a part of iTunes, and the Web site is designed to work like a real software program.”

Mossberg and Boehret report, “If you’re tired of listening to iTunes all alone, and wonder what your friends are listening to, iLike is a useful and unobtrusive add-on for iTunes, an already great software program. Though it has a little more tweaking to do, we like iLike, and we think you’ll enjoy learning about new music and about your friends’ taste.”

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