“The Macintosh has a lot in common with the Star Wars franchise. Both feature a fantastically loyal fan base, both feature incredible name recognition and both garner massive media coverage. For the marketers of the Mac this seems to be enough, they are happy to let the positive media, web sites and satisfied customers extol their Mac experience in hopes of moving product. Apple should reconsider this strategy and take a lesson from LucasArts: If you can get people talking that’s great but it is even better when you bash them over the head time and time again until the message grabs hold like an overly stimulated pit bull,” Chris Seibold writes for Apple Matters.

“The natural question at this point is to ask ‘Why now?’ The media push for Revenge of the Sith was obvious, it coincided with the release of the movie. The reasons for a Mac push are not quite as obvious but still compelling. Tiger has been reviewed countless times with the vast majority of people agreeing that Tiger is head and shoulders (or insert appropriate feline anatomy) above Windows XP (though, seemingly, every reviewer alludes to Longhorn at some point). The introduction of the Mini has removed many of the hurdles people faced when moving to the Mac platform in the past and Apple has a ton of people talking right now. In short, this is the ripest moment in recent memory for a Mac campaign of Schwarzkopfian proportions,” Seibold writes.

“If Apple has the capacity to fulfill more orders (and given Apple’s history on meeting demand for popular products that is a very large ‘if’) then the lack of advertising is nearly unforgivable. Even if the campaign is an utter failure and features users flying into trees it is worth lightening the corporate coffers by a few dollars to give it a try,” Seibold writes.

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