By SteveJack

Jonathan Ive, recently named, “Designer of the Year” by London’s prestigious Design Museum is a genius who has outdone even himself with the new Power Mac G5.

“Good design is a timeless concept, exemplified best by an object that is soundly manufactured and beautiful, works efficiently for its purposes, and suggests ideas that transcend its form and function.” – Paola Antonelli, Associate Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art, 1997.

Windows users are the last people we would expect to appreciate the concept of design aesthetic, so they can be forgiven by way of ignorance for their negative comments on the new Power Mac G5 case design. However, Mac users cannot be so easily forgiven. If you don’t understand or cannot grasp how perfect Ive’s austere Power Mac G5 design really is, it would be best to just be quiet and not make a fool of yourself.

This single sheet of aluminum, folded and simply cut to reveal functional handles, and wrapped around a gloriously organized interior makes all other personal computer designs, including the Power Mac G3/G4 cases look ham-fisted.

Ive has now matured to the point where his design is simply genius. And genius is often ahead of its time, as is the case here. Pun intended. If you can’t appreciate the quality of the Power Mac G5’s industrial design right now, wait a bit; you’ll catch up sooner or later.

See Apple’s Power Mac G5 taking personal computer industrial design to a new level here.

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, former web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.