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Tag: Mac also-rans

  1. Apple MacBooks surpass 10% market share in worldwide notebook market

    lobal notebook shipments dropped significantly in 2015 mainly due to the impact of currency depreciation…

  2. Why the Mac has so much staying power; Apple’s indomitable workhorse deserves some praise

    Let’s hear it for the Mac!

  3. Apple’s iMac Retina 5K: Powerful proof of the personal computer renaissance

    Apple is predicted to rake in about half of the PC industry’s profits…

  4. Apple’s Yosemite shows why Microsoft’s OS strategy is failing

    With Windows 8, Microsoft’s marketing and engineering teams were clearly asleep at the wheel..

  5. Beleaguered Microsoft’s Windows 8’s uptake falls again, now slower than Vista flop

    Windows 8’s uptake was stuck in reverse for the second straight quarter…