Clear the caches on your iPad to make it run faster

“Like any computer, your iPad uses a reserved memory space – called a cache – to store information you’ve recently used,” Dave Johnson writes for Business Insider.

“Ideally, that speeds up your iPad by giving the device fast access to it if you need it again,” Johnson writes. “But if you notice that your iPad has been sluggish recently, or is misbehaving in some way, one remedy may be to clear the cache.”

“There are two caches you can try to clear: the one used by your web browser, Safari, and the cache for your apps,” Johnson writes “To delete an app’s cache, though, you need to delete the app, but you can then reinstall the app.”

The complete iPad lineup now includes Apple Pencil support, best-in-class performance, advanced displays and all-day battery life.
The complete Apple iPad lineup now includes Apple Pencil support, best-in-class performance, advanced displays and all-day battery life.

Simple instructions in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Keep those caches clean, especially Safari’s, but note that this’ll also sign you out of any web pages you are logged into, so you’ll have to sign back in (as you fill that cache once again). This can also work to speed up a Mac that’s browsing sluggishly with Safari:

Safari > Develop > Empty Caches.

(If you don’t see the Develop menu in Safari, turn it on in Safari > Preferences > Advanced and check “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”)


  1. This is false information. When you evict the cache, guess what…it fills back up again, as soon as you reinstall and use the respective apps. It’s the nature of using software. When you clear the cache nothing actually happens, it just flags that zone of the SSD as free, same as deleting files.

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      1. DED needs an editor but he does write some good pieces. I am waiting with bated breath to read what they say about this site. Dang does that mean I am wishing my Sat. away here 😳😳😳

  2. “Other” is the bane of storage on my device. I do agree with the comment, however doing a fresh install does clean up other and grants me free space once again. Although I do agree that deleting a cache does fill up again as soon as you reuse said apps so it is a waste of time. Just for clicks. I read that click-bait articles receive literally fractions of a cent for each reader. Haha hilarious. Hey rich or die trying right MDN or should I say DMN or is NMD? I have seen the games with Appel I thought it was a stock think (like APPL) so funny. I will be on appleinsider this wkend to see what falls and will use it as a good opportunity to stop coming here and seeing all of these adverts. I hope to see some of the regulars there as well.

    1. Be careful that that some apps use iCloud backup, and can throttle your iCloud restoring deleted data. I also agree this is a waste of time. Isn’t it Android site that talk about geeky stuff. Isn’t iOS meant to be something you don’t have to now how to manage to that degree? Will defo go to the recommended site this weekend. A good excuse for me too to finally delete my MDN app to free some space. It’s a 1 star app that expects 6 star perfection from Appel :/

  3. The spelled it wrong. To speed up your iPad, you don’t need need to clear your cache. You need to clear your cash, from your wallet. As in, spend it on a faster new iPad 🙂

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