iPhone unit sales estimates have Apple analysts at odds

“Apparently forecasting iPhone sales is harder than it looks,” Julie Verhage reports for Bloomberg. “Analysts on Wall Street can’t seem to agree on whether demand will be strong, weak, or flat. A lot goes into predicting sales for Apple Inc.’s most popular product. From the health of the consumer to the average time it takes a current user to upgrade, analysts covering the stock have much to consider when making their estimates. And yes, that includes Brexit.”

Verhage reports, “Wall Street as a whole can agree on one thing, though: Some 42 of the 51 analysts covering the stock have buy ratings on it.”

“Citigroup, Drexel, and Cowen have targets of $115, $185, and $125, respectively, and the overall average is $123.13,” Verhage reports. “As Apple is currently trading at $96, the average would represent a 28 percent return over the next 12-months.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll see how much iPhone SE helped on the unit sales front when Apple reports fiscal Q316 results after market close on July 26th.


  1. Do analcyst predictions about Apple make sense? Typically NO. I don’t care any more. It’s all game playing, manipulation, wolves vs sheeple, gouging and scouring for ways to wring money out of a wrecked and feudalized economy. Watch the money monkeys play.

  2. Apple shareholders don’t stand a chance in seeing anything turn out well for them in the near future. I don’t really blame the analysts for this happening. I believe the big investors are simply taking a good, hard look at Apple and know they’re not going to get any share gains from a company run by Tim Cook. That means even $115 a share seems quite impossible to reach.

    While Amazon reaches weekly all time highs for almost two years running, Apple hardly moves $1 higher a week and then falls back down the following week. Honestly, what greedy big investor wants to own a lousy stock like that? What would be the point. There just doesn’t seem to be anything to look forward to.

    Whatever gave anyone the idea Apple could be a trillion dollar market cap company, I certainly don’t see it. I’d say it’s fortunate Apple is worth half that amount with one of the lowest P/Es and pathetically low institutional ownership percentage of any major tech company around.

    1. Do you own Google, mag7? Do you understand the risks associated with a higher P/E stock? If Google does not produce profits, its stock will get hit proportionately harder. Apple’s low P/E means that it is relatively low risk and has significant potential upside given its ability to produce prodigious profits year after year. Say what you want about Apple and AAPL, but that AAPL dividend is working well for me.

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