How to find out who and what is using your Internet connection

“One of my internet service providers has a web page which will check how much bandwidth I’m using,” Ron McElfresh writes for NoodleMac. “I pay for 100-megabits but use far less than the maximum, though a check revealed tens of gigabytes more data usage than I expected.”

“Alright, our household is packed with Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and various streaming services on each one, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that tens of gigabytes are flowing through the pipes,” McElfresh writes. “But which devices are connected to the internet connection, and how much data is each one using?”

McElfresh writes, “As it turns out, the answer to the former is easier than the answer to the latter, but our building has a few dozen internet connected networks so I thought it worth exploring.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We have IP Scanner (free) installed on all of our Macs and it works very well.

IP Scanner Home ($4.99) and IP Scanner Pro ($29.99) are also available with additional features.


  1. GO -> Utilities -> Aiport Utilities

    Click on your WiFi router if Apple… and you’ll see a list.

    this software does log the connections over time, so it may be worth it, but contrary to the Article headline, there is more than just this software.

  2. Still doesn’t tell you how much data is being used by the devices. MAC address scanners are common. I have not found a good way to track individual device utilization. Let me know if I overlooked something in the article.

    1. If you have a high end router it will support snmp. This provides all sorts of usage data. You might look for a phone app that uses this protocol to break out the usage. I played around with it a while ago

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