How can Apple improve iCloud next?

“Apple cleaned up iCloud’s many syncing bugs with iOS 7 and OS X version 10.9. Not all of them are gone, but enough to make it reliable. Now that iCloud is a stable solution, developers have been adding iCloud features to their software,” Karl Johnson writes for T-GAAP. “As iCloud continues to grow in popularity, users will be asking for more features.”

“There are lot of features that Apple could add to iCloud,” Johnson writes. “What are the most important ones? Which features will have the most impact on the users?”

Johnson writes, “Here are three features that would have the most impact.”

1. iCloud Time Machine
2. Multiple Application Files
3. iCloud Finder

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  1. I fear without the steady impetus of Steve Jobs to push the technology envelope forward, Tim Cook will more than likely allow iCloud to languish in its present form with very little changes other than make it conform to the look of iOS 7. And once he’s done that, he’ll wash his hands of any further development.

    Still, for what it’s worth, I think they need to open up iCloud to make it act like a cloud file system, at the very least allowing more than a single hierarchical layer of folders. Allowing nested folders will allow users to keep track of work folders within project folders but that possibility is excluded with a flat folder structure.

    However, since Dropbox is available, I use that if I want to sync non iWork app files across my devices as Dropbox integrates very well with Mac and iOS devices. I have literally given up on hoping for any further work to be done on iCloud.

    1. Oh yes, of course! Tim Cook specs every item for the engineers. He is there now updating the spec document for iCloud right now in front of his iMac on pages. I can just hear him now, “oops forgot to format the register set….and oh yeah need to update document for all review comments….and oh what about feature for….”.


    2. Yes, don’t forget Steve jobs invented USB, DVD-R, OS X, iTunes, the click wheel, iOS, touch screens, the MacBook Air, the iPad, and everything else on his own. The other 10,000 or so employees are just there to keep the floors clean and his coffee mug full.

      How soon you forget that Jobs presided over MobileMe, iTools, FireWire licensing, that Apple speaker box, etc. etc.

  2. iCloud Time Machine would be nice, but would take a major subscription fee. It would be better first if Apple made Time Machine able to back up external drives as well as internal.

    1. I can only imagine what a disaster it would be to attempt to offer iCloud Time Machine. The internet would drop dead of exhaustion. A reliable secure and usable FAST always-current online backup is not even realistic at any price. Apple only now has figured out how to selectively allow about a half a dozen application-specific filetypes to be synced onto its servers halfway reliably.

      As for #2, what would be the point?

  3. The best way to fix iCloud is to stop offering it as an integrated “free” feature in the OS.

    Offer iCloud as a paid service that the user can install as a plug-in app into iOS, OS X, and, yes, even Windows. Make it vastly more powerful, with real file management and user visibility. Go ahead and offer unpaid trials for those who are gullible enough to use “free” services.

    Just stop pushing iCloud down the throats of Apple users who don’t want or need it.

  4. Can they at least make it do I can search for numbers files on my iphone or iPad apps? Am I missing something because I know of no way to easily find files within iOS apps.

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