Woz says Apple’s iPod has run its course

“In an exclusive interview with the Telegraph, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wonders how long the iPod can stay on top spot, laments the limitations of the iPhone 3G, agrees with the downgrade on Apple shares and believes that Web 2.0 revolution has been over-financed and could lead to mini-crash in technology stocks,” Rupert Neate reports for The Telegraph.

Read Neate’s full interview with Woz here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicat” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: As Neate notes, Woz “has been ‘basically retired’ from Apple since 1987.” ‘Nuff said.


  1. You guys need to get your heads out of your ass and actually read the article and not what MDN posts. MDN has a nice habit of posting bits of articles that point out negatives and not what the actual article is about, and in some cases nothing to do with it at all. Its unbelievable that you guys would bash Woz, the guy who built this company. He was the maker of the machine, Jobs was the business front that got it off the ground.

    MDN is pathetic for making such a comment against him.

  2. Jimbo
    That’s called humor.
    Thanks for injecting you head up your ass.
    Why don’t you pull it out and relax, maybe laugh every now and then.

    Here, if SNL makes fun, it’s bound to be OK

  3. TowerTone! What did I say about that potty mouth of yours.

    It is not Jimbo’s fault that he didn’t get your little joke, or anyone else for that matter.

    Now go play nice with the other kids before I have to water board you and send you off to a secret prison.

  4. @Bob Nies says: “Whole article is a puff piece that says nothing that everyone already knows.” Huh? I’ve drawn block diagrams of this logic and I still don’t get it – But then I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    On another note:

    I think it’s very possible that the basic iPod line, that is, everything up to the iTouch and iPhone, have more or less peaked out, which is different than implying that they’re doomed or on a fast slide downward. I think I see the pattern with the basic line – sort of. Every new announcement with regard to an iPod upgrade usually focuses on one or two major improvements to one of, what I call, the “basic”, iPod lines. This last time it was the Nano. Now the Nano has accelerometer, a wide screen, and plays movies, which it should have done in the first place. (Yeah I know, who would want to watch movies on a postage stamp, blah blah blah, but I’ll bet it costed more to disable video on the original Nano than it would have to have kept it in there.) But with the iPod Touch and the iPhone out now, really, who does care if the Nano has an accelerometer and can play videos.

    So, I think the “basic” iPod lines are still alive and well, but it’s fast becoming obvious that Apple is just tweaking the original idea ever more repetitiously – And that’s going to continue to keep the device interesting, but definitely not the, over-the-top, popularity hit it has been in the recent past.

    I think Apple’s really on to something with hand held computing if we can pull the discussion out of the doldrums of cellular this and cellular that. I think the most interesting computing product on the market at the moment is the iPod Touch. Let’s see what Apple does with the momentum they’ve developed around this type of device. Developers certainly get it, and apparently consumer do to because the App Store is still going gang busters.

  5. Thanks, bginna, I will.
    The humor comes from two comments (one obviously false) made by people who may be considered past their prime.

    This concludes the lesson on how to understand humor.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled bitching, already in progress….

  6. I semi-agree with Woz from the standpoint that the iPod as we knew before the iPod touch and iPhone are now legacy or “classic” tech more or less one task oriented music appliances where the touch and iPhone comprise a mobile computer platform. I’m sure as Apple continues to evolve their hardware, the iPod classification will likely refer to non-Mac non cellular computing devices excluding the AppleTV.

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