‘Welcome to Macintosh’ documentary adds original Apple co-founder Ron Wayne

The makers of Welcome to Macintosh are happy to announce an exclusive interview with Ron Wayne, one of the original founders of the Apple Computer Company, before it was re-founded with Mike Markkula as Apple Computer Inc. The new version of the documentary which now includes Mr Wayne will make its debut at the upcoming Globians film festival in Germany.

MacDailyNews Note: Welcome to Macintosh is a documentary that explores the many ways Apple has changed the world. Whether you’re a long time Mac user or new to computers, Welcome to Macintosh takes you from the early days of the Apple I to the latest that Apple has to offer.

“You could think of Ron Wayne kind of like the fifth Beatle,” Says Rob Baca, Co-Director for the documentary, in a statement. “He had a strong association with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the beginning, but was not a participant in their future success.”

Ron Wayne shares his experience of early Apple, personal stories about Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, why he left Apple, as well as a never before seen schematics of an Apple I production case.

“We are very happy to be able to share his story. He represents a bit of history that very few people witnessed, and most never knew,” adds Baca.

Although Wayne has participated in print interviews such as “The Little Kingdom,” “The Mac Bathroom Reader,” and “Apple Confidential (I and II),” his appearance in Welcome to Macintosh represents the first time in a documentary.

“The addition of Ron Wayne to the film was simple,” stated Josh Rizzo, Co-Director. “The film lives in high definition as a Final Cut Pro project. His interview was a natural addition.”

The filmmakers went on to add that this change has not slowed the DVD creation process, though there will now be the addition of Ron Wayne related “Extras.”

“We are still on course for a fall delivery of the DVD, which will be so much more than just the movie. The hardest thing has been deciding what not to include,” says Baca. “There are so many great stories from the people that are part of Apple’s history, we are really excited to share this with everyone.”

Welcome to Macintosh will be presented at the 4th Globians world and culture documentary film festival Tuesday August 12th in Potsdam, and again Friday September 5th in Berlin, Germany.

“We have a more special presentations in the works for the fall that will allow more people to get the opportunity see it on the big screen,” adds Rizzo.

Both Robert Baca and Josh Rizzo are planning to attend the August 12th event in Germany. Tickets are available through the festival website.

More info at the official Welcome to Macintosh movie Website here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H” for the heads up.]


  1. “He had a strong association with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the beginning…”

    Even, Steve Jobs has never really be the founder of the Mac… it’s more about people like Bill Atkinson, etc.

  2. If you want to interview someone about the Mac, go for Jef Raskin… he was THE one,
    Before Jobs took over the project and at the same occasion all of the pride and recognition for it.

  3. I think it is interesting how the masses have put this upon Steve Jobs… He has never made any claim about being the ONLY person involved… To my knowledge at least. He always seems to be gracious and supportive of the team. Sure he has an ego and a bit of arrogance, I would too if I were in his billion dollar shoes. The masses give Jobs the recognition, I don’t think he goes out and demands it or directs it to him.

  4. @Steve516

    “Steve Jobs was fighting to Mac project and supporting LISA.”

    Um, no.

    The Lisa project was started in 1978 and by 1982, Jobs was thrown off the Lisa project so he moved over to the Macintosh project.

  5. The original Macintosh was unusual in that it included the signatures of the Macintosh Division as of early 1982 molded on the inside of the case. The names were:

    Peggy Aleixo,
    Colette Askeland,
    Bill Atkinson,
    Steve Balog,
    Bob Belleville,
    Mike Boich,
    Bill Bull,
    Matt Carter,
    Berry Cash,
    Debbie Coleman,
    George Crow,
    Donn Denman,
    Christopher Espinosa,
    Bill Fernandez,
    Martin Haeberli,
    Andy Hertzfeld,
    Joanna Hoffman,
    Rod Holt,
    Bruce Horn,
    Hap Horn,
    Brian Howard,
    Steven Jobs,
    Larry Kenyon,
    Patti King,
    Daniel Kottke,
    Angeline Lo,
    Ivan Mach,
    Gerald Manock,
    Mary Ellen McCammon,
    Vicki Milledge,
    Mike Murray,
    Ron Nicholson Jr,
    Terry Oyama,
    Benjamin Pang,
    Jef Raskin,
    Brian Robertson,
    Dave Roots,
    Patricia Sharp,
    Burrell Smith,
    Bryan Stearns,
    Lynn Takahashi,
    Randy Wigginton,
    Linda Wilkin,
    Pamela Wyman,
    Laszlo Zidek,

    and two others.

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