Free ‘Nervous Breakdown’ game available for Mac OS X

“Mac Games and More has published a new free game for Mac OS X called, ‘Nervous Breakdown.’ Nervous Breakdown is a brick wall game where a player uses a ball to break down a wall that is progressively growing and moving downward. The ball begins slowly, and as the game continues, it increases in speed and the wall increases in size. ‘Nervous Breakdown breaks away from others of its kind such that during game play the gamer has only one life and has only one chance to play the level without dropping the ball,” MacNN reports.

More info and download link (746 KB) here.


  1. Oh, that’s been freely available on Windows for years. As a side benefit, it emails all your passwords to Russia.

    Mac people are so far behind.

  2. Wow, Breakout makes it to the Mac platform.

    My little sister has already finished the Sims II twice, by the way. On XP, yes.

    Apple and games manufacturers, GET A CLUE, dammit!

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