Apple GarageBand is ‘the game-ification of music’

“Since its release in January, [Apple’s GarageBand], which allows even the most musically challenged person to construct a tune through simple software, has received rave reviews,” Stephen Williams reports for Newsday. “As part of iLife ’04, a $49 software suite exclusively for Macs, the GarageBand application is terrifically easy. Using a mouse, one drags and drops a loop or three – say, a funky guitar riff, a ’60s drumbeat, a few bars of R&B piano – onto a grid. Multiple tracks can be locked in, and GarageBand automatically adjusts tempo. Hit the play button and, voila, you’re a composer.”

Williams reports, “Alternately, GarageBand provides a number of software ‘instruments’ that can be played on a keyboard, and musicians can even plug in real instruments. GarageBand has spawned communities on the Web and emerged as a digital device to promote listening, sharing, criticism and other activities associated with popular music… On the Macjams Web site (, hundreds of home-brewed tunes created with GarageBand are available for listening… As well as qualifying as entertainment, GarageBand has earned its stripes as credible instructional tool. ‘I love it. … It’s the game-ification of music,’ said Stephen Croes, dean of music technology at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The program ‘is tapping into that deep need people have to make things and to imitate things that they like. And that’s proactive, a really positive thing.'”

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  1. slap a $350 price tag on ilife and make it compatible on windows and good god Apple could sell a million copies. Thats about a buck a share in revenue with little to no cost. I will never understand why they don’t sell their software outside thier platform…thats what makes Apple great…software, not hardware. Do it or somebody tell me why they don’t.

  2. Apple consideres itself a hardware company. Everything is focused around that. The software they release is for the purpose of luring hardware sales. This is the same as iTunes being released to lure iPod sales.

  3. just in case you still don’t get it… apple is big on the whole integration thing.. hence the ipod/itunes experience… which.. *shock.. is even better on a mac…

    for what it’s worth.. anyone interested in digital music creation should really ask around and probably pick up a 12 inch powerbook.. surely musicians won’t be so closeminded about apple..


    wait a minute.. i just had an idea..

    what if apple dispensed ‘value’ through its own software sales to selling all this stuff at a would be better off to just buy a an idea..

    but making money is not the point w apple..marketshare is the point spreading the mac religion is the point..

    they’re making money off the windows guys..but they’re really excited about what that might do for mindshare more than anything..

  4. Q) What is the difference with computers and humans?
    A) With computers the software goes in to the hardware…
    With humans the hardware goes in to the software…
    Old joke/Ralph K�nig Konrad und Paul
    What is good with the Apple Computer Incorporated that the hardware gets the orgasm at the same time as the software and vice versa.
    Apple is orgasmic hardware and software company =)

  5. Orgastic/Orgasmic ???
    Dave! Little help here!
    Correct my typos ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. I think GarageBand is great, but my year and a half old 667 TiBook has trouble running it when I get more that 3 tracks going. I have MOTU’s Digital Performer as well, and it works great, so I think GarageBand has trouble because the instruments are all on the computer as opposed to being run off an external source (keyboard, tone generator, etc.). I could run the voices off the keyboard in GB too, but that takes a lot of the fun out of it. At any rate, I’ll probably have to upgrade to a newer box before I get to enjoy it.

  7. the only thing worse than bug eyed gamers or wacked skaters is stoned out musicians. garage band is going to waste more teenage time than masturbation and pimple popping combined. And since every good song has already been written about 6 times who figures we need anymore.

  8. “”The program ‘is tapping into that deep need people have to make things and to imitate things that they like. And that’s proactive, a really positive thing””

    And you guys freak when gates knocks off some apple ideas. go figure.

  9. Right first time, One Guy. Orgastic is the sort of thing a crap DJ would say ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  10. I have 768 megs of RAM in my TiBook. Everything else runs fine. I typically have Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, Mail, Safari, and 3 or 4 other programs running at the same time and there’s no problems. But when I run only GarageBand and have 3 or more tracks, it often quits and gives me an error message (can’t remember exactly what says off hand) 30 or 40 seconds into the song.

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