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Apr 17, 2015 - 05:15 PM EDT — AAPL: 124.75 (-1.42, -1.13%) | NASDAQ: 4931.81 (-75.98, -1.52%)

Tag: Robert X. Cringley

  1. Cringely: Otellini was forced out by Intel board thanks to Apple’s decision to abandon Intel chips

    Yes, Otellini was forced out by the board…

  2. Cringely: Six years from now Microsoft’s Windows will be dead or free

    The real issue here isn’t the software at all but the platform…

  3. ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’ returns to theaters; DVD, VOD coming this summer (with video)

    agnolia Pictures has acquired the U.S. rights to ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’…

  4. ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’ movie foretells his return to Apple

    The ’95 interview, about 70 minutes all told, captures a spunky and charismatic Jobs…


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