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  1. Cringely on Apple+IBM: Meh

    Given that I used to work for Apple and have lately been quite critical of IBM…

  2. Cringely: Otellini was forced out by Intel board thanks to Apple’s decision to abandon Intel chips

    Yes, Otellini was forced out by the board…

  3. Microsoft and Google won’t have a price advantage with iPad, so they’ll have to actually make a better product

    Last week Microsoft kinda-sorta announced its new Microsoft Surface tablet computer…

  4. Cringely: Siri may infringe old Excite patents

    All this technology was patented — patents owned today by Excite@Home’s creditors…

  5. Cringely predicts Amazon and Bezos to supplant Apple and Jobs in 2012

    If Apple gives up its position of industry leadership in 2012 the only company capable…

  6. Why big companies can’t change

    Looking at Apple we can see the why of the iPod and iTunes was…

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