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Tag: Bush tax cuts

  1. Apple stock takes hit; company’s refusal to issue special dividend ahead of looming U.S. tax hikes to blame?

    The special dividend variable is quickly turning into a significant Wall Street…

  2. Will Apple be next up to pay a special dividend ahead of expected U.S. tax hikes?

    Apple is a cash machine. That’s cash that belongs to the shareholders…

  3. Oracle accelerates payments of 3 quarters of dividends ahead of likely U.S. tax hikes

    The Board of Directors of Oracle Corporation….

  4. Analyst: Don’t expect special dividend from Apple Inc. ahead of Obama tax hikes

    There has been a lot of talk about Apple possibly issuing a special dividend…

  5. Apple special dividend: Why AAPL shareholders are owed $30 per share by Christmas

    With a dividend tax hike looking more likely by the day…

  6. Smart Steve Jobs wouldn’t have paid a dividend

    Crafty bosses like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett don’t let their companies declare dividends….