Pregnant man, pregnant person emoji coming to Apple iPhones

A so-called “pregnant man” emoji and “pregnant person” emoji are coming to Apple iPhones with its latest update, iOS 15.4.

Pregnant man, pregnant person emoji coming to Apple iPhones

Audrey Conklin for FOXBusiness:

The pregnant emoji aren’t new for some, since they arrived as part of an update that emoji-encyclopedia Emojipedia announced in September 2021. However, Apple’s version of the emoji were released Thursday as part of iOS 15.4 beta — a voluntary system update iPhone users can choose to install.

The push to include everyone in pregnancy has erupted in controversy, with some cultural commentators arguing that the effort to make the biologically specific phenomenon all-inclusive erases factors that make women distinctive from men and even dehumanizes women.

To voice concerns with Apple: (408) 996–1010.

According to health website, people who were born biologically female but identify as men are transgender men who can give birth because they have the reproductive organs necessary to do so — especially those who do not take or have stopped taking testosterone. The same goes for those who identify as non-binary.

MacDailyNews Take: Also already available are unicorn, dragon, and mermaid emoji.

It is, though, perfect for those “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” / “I just drank so much beer” texts.

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  1. I just wonder how much a a need there was for this particular type of expression… don’t we already have WAY to many “normal” emojis? Can’t find what I’m looking for anyways

  2. All the angst over new emojis, and bitching about how “left-wing” Apple is. Too bad those posters are simply too stupid to realize Apple isn’t in charge of what emojis represent: that’s the function of the Unicode Consortium, who create new emojis not based on radical leftist thought, but based on submissions from folks from all over the world.

    But go ahead, blame Tim Cook. Just don’t be surprised when the same “moral bankruptcy” shows up on Android devices, PCs and every other connected device in the world.

  3. I think it’s a nice nod to the only species known where a male gets pregnant and delivers babies. Of course, don’t rely on the human species to achieve such a marvel, their only real claim to fame is being the only species that produces non-biodegradable materials that are toxic to all known life forms.

  4. Only women have babies. It’s called science, which the “I foLlOw the SCieNce” crowd ignores when it goes against their crazy beliefs. Apple is supporting mental illness. It should be ashamed for doing so. People don’t need to be encourage in their delusions – they need help. The insane are making decisions.

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