South Korean companies vie to land ‘Apple Car’ contracts

South Korean companies are vying to secure “Apple Car” contracts as Apple continues the process of selecting suppliers for its “Apple Car” electric vehicle, according to a report from Korea’s ETNews.

South Korean companies vie to land 'Apple Car' contracts

Hartley Charlton for MacRumors:

The report claims that Apple representatives visited South Korea in December last year to meet with local suppliers, following a preliminary visit in the summer of 2021. In particular, Apple is said to be looking for a number of vehicle electronic parts manufacturers with experience in mass production to provide core components for the vehicle.

Apple’s interest in Korean manufacturers has purportedly led to a heated battle to secure a place in Apple’s supply chain, and some suppliers are said to have formed a “Task Force” to actively respond to Apple’s requests. Sources claim that Apple offered equity investment to at least one local electronic parts manufacturer in return for doubled production capacity.

Apple is reported to have a special interest in Korea’s battery manufacturing capabilities and discussed electric vehicle batteries with LG and SK. Apple has allegedly insisted that it wants to develop and manufacture Apple car battery materials directly and requested intense secrecy.

MacDailyNews Take: In December 2020, Reuters reported that Apple had targeted “Apple Car” production by 2024 and was planning to use “next level” battery technology.

All signs currently point toward a real “Apple Car” actually arriving!

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