Apple’s $19 Polishing Cloth is worth every penny, teardown reveals

Apple new $19 Polishing Cloth is made of a soft, nonabrasive material and cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively. Now, an iFixit teardown reveals that it’s worth every penny.

Apple's branded Polishing Cloth
Apple’s branded Polishing Cloth – $19

Craig Lloyd for iFixit:

The material feels identical to the inner lining of an iPad Smart Cover, which features a thin layer of microfiber on the inside. Both have a distinct synthetic leather feel to them with a hint of fuzziness…

Upon closer inspection, it’s actually two cloths glued together! If you feel a bit underwhelmed by your $19 purchase, pull both layers apart and suddenly you have two cloths, each costing only $9.50.

The new Apple Polishing Cloth earns a 0 out of 10 on our repairability scale, for distracting us from a very important MacBook Pro teardown and not going back together after we cut it into pieces with scissors.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve been unequivocal in our blanket recordation: Every single person on earth should have an Apple Polishing Cloth, even if they unfortunately don’t have a single Apple product to polish. It’s that good!

The bad news: The Apple Polishing Cloth shipping date is currently listed at “10–12 weeks.”

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  1. What gets me is how people who don’t even have a need for the Apple Polishing Cloth are making such a big deal about the cost. Why should they even care how much it costs if they’re not going to buy it. I’m not complaining about the cost of a hyper-car if I’m not going to buy one. Things cost what they cost and that’s all there is to it. $19 is not very much money to pay as I’m sure the cloth will last a long time.

    1. Same deal with the Mac Pro and the expensive display and display stand. Lots of complaining from people who would never buy one anyway. I don’t hear people who can’t afford Ferraris complaining about how expensive they are.

  2. I am not buying the cloth but complaining about the fact that Apple even cared to sell this stupid Apple cloth and at such a high price. But if you do the calculation, it does have a good money making potential, any less than Apple’s another trick of buying memories in ultra cheap commodity market and slap it at grossly high price to every device Apple sells. Scooping millets with wet hands (sometimes called printing money). It shows today’s Apple mentality. If somebody and you know who thought it will make money by milking loyal customers (can’t even imagine people who are rocking Google/Samsung phones ever show any interest in Apple cloth, People, It’s just “cloth” for God’s sake. It may fit Apple’s current push of “lifestyle” branding. When it comes to any profit potential anything goes. Tremendously hurting Apple’s image or perhaps confirms what people were always aware of in recent years. But you know another possibility? Like Apple buying tremendous quantity of solar panels for “renewable energy” projects elsewhere in the world, source of supply of this cloth with ultra cheap material and manufacturing cost is probably Mr.Who’s friend in CCP. Yes, it will support Apple’s bottomline particularly when the cost is almost nothing.

    1. And “10–12 weeks.” before shipping?
      Such a typical Apple way of doing things, i.e., hustling, hyping and fanning pent-up demands. Remember iPhone X? Exactly the same way, except the wildly speculated “super cycle” never materialized. But Apple had to hype it as it was the first phone whose price went over north beyond $1000 mark with “novel” OLED and face ID as justifications. You can argue forever about Apple products but Apple polishing cloth? What do they think of next? Among all controversial products, pricing, lack of forward thinking and everything else, this one really hurts in many ways even though I have absolutely no intention of paying and buying enormous amount of $19. This one really blows my mind as well as those warm and fuzzy feelings I used to have with Apple centuries ago. Sign…..

    1. Haha, thank you. Perhaps I should.
      Every time this sort of thing happend, image of certain person pops up in my mind. Paranoid? Perhaps,

      But Apple took a charging block out of iPhone pakage. Maybe it’s a good time to pack this cleaning cloth in free (and in watch packaging too). Hey, that’s a show of a goodwill in Apple’s part to us the loyal customers. We have always been sufffering from Apple’s hand getting into our wallet, and give those cleaning cloth away free might make my view of current apple change a bit. All toungue in cheek.

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