The global chip crisis is a but a mere blip for mighty Apple

That even Apple is feeling the global chip crises causes by the various and sundry responses to COVID-19, rational and irrational, reveals the extent of the issue. But it also underscores the mastery that mighty Apple wields over its supply chain.


Alex Webb:

Because if you unpick the numbers, the actual impact on the company will be far from cataclysmic. Indeed, the stock closed just 0.9% lower after the scoop.

Back in July, Bloomberg News’s Debby Wu and Mark Gurman reported that Apple had ordered as many as 90 million of the new iPhones from its contract manufacturers – companies like Pegatron Corp. and Foxconn Technology Group that assemble the device on its behalf. That would have been a 20% increase from the 75 million units that it has typically ordered in previous years.

So even with 10 million fewer iPhones available, Apple may still be producing about 80 million iPhones, slightly more than it did last year when it released the iPhone 12.

While the supply issues might cause longer wait times for those seeking an iPhone 13, the odds are that anyone who wants one will ultimately be able to get one. Indeed, whispers of supply constraints may well prompt consumers to order their devices earlier.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s an exceedingly simple formula: Buy low, during dips caused by the uninformed and/or panicky, and sell high after years of reaping transformative gains and dividends.


  1. Somebody’s trying to keep the market stimulated to keep their portfolio afloat, it appears.

    But to suggest that supply constraints are only due to Covid-19 is incredibly short-sighted and ignorant. Globalization has created a myriad of ways that the the flow of materials and parts necessary to manufacture consumer and strategic products can lead to constraints. U.S. sanctions, regional military and political tensions, climate change-induced disasters, etc. have all significantly contributed to market disruptions. But by-and-large, the neoliberal globalized and financialized economy will inevitably self-correct.

    And “buy low, during dips” is about as archaic of investing advice as anything. Unless it is July 8, 1932.

    1. Not for nuttin JC but I have been riding the “buy the dips” with AAPL for YEARS to a SEVEN FIGURE return on my investment…….


      Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…….APpLe is Dooooomeddddddddd

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