Apple’s iOS 15: A modest release with major features delayed

Apple’s iOS 15 will arrive with major features delayed as the company continues its lamentable tradition of delaying features from its next-generation operating system’s initial release. This year’s first victim is among the biggest: SharePlay, a feature for watching video, listening to music, and sharing your screen over FaceTime.

Apple adding security verification with selfies to validate ID cards in iOS 15 Wallet app

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

While Apple has delayed new iOS features in the past, the news this year is that Apple is delaying the new iOS feature. SharePlay is the hallmark addition in iOS 15, an otherwise modest release. It received plenty of airtime at WWDC 2021 and sits at the top of both Apple’s press release and website for iOS 15. I hope it doesn’t take more than a few weeks for it to hit devices this fall.

More concerning is that this is a trend. Both iOS 13 and iOS 14 saw some features postponed until follow-up releases, and iOS 15 might see more delays than just SharePlay.

Take Universal Control. It will allow a user to control both a Mac and an iPad with a single device’s trackpad and keyboard. But it’s still nowhere to be found two months into the beta release cycle. That means it’s probably delayed. Also on track to miss the cut from iOS 15.0: a feature for handing over your data to a family member when you die and a new way to see what data third-party apps collect.

MacDailyNews Take: iOS 15 is still slated to deliver mass surveillance, so there’s that.

Beyond a handful of test devices, we will not be upgrading to iOS 15.

Electronic Frontier Foundation::

Mass surveillance is not an acceptable crime-fighting strategy, no matter how well-intentioned the spying. If you’re upset about Apple’s recent announcement that the next version of iOS will install surveillance software in every iPhone, we need you to speak out about it.

Apple has abandoned its once-famous commitment to security and privacy. The next version of iOS will contain software that scans users’ photos and messages. Under pressure from U.S. law enforcement, Apple has put a backdoor into their encryption system.



  1. Yup, I think the Steve mojo is completely used up at this point. Apple is officially ‘just another corporation’. Great job, Tim and your too green engineers! Hope you enjoy rolling around in all of your $$$ while the rest of us sigh and shake our heads.

  2. Why are people so dumb?

    Apple is staggering the release of tentpole features in iOS 15 to encourage users to install the iOS point releases. Apple does this because most users are too lazy to install a point release unless it has a piece of candy in it.

    These are the same users that refuse to enable auto-updates because ‘reasons’ and complain all year long about ‘point 0’ bugs.

    iOS 15.0 is still packed with useful new features including Live Text, Focus, on-device SIRI requests, new language translation features, and big updates to Photos, FaceTime, Messages, Safari, etc. I’ve been using 15.0 beta for two months and it is a very good release with new features that have noticeably improved my daily use scenarios. Just Live Text and SIRI on-device processing are worth the upgrade.

    The internet outrage machine makes me barf in my mouth a little bit. Actually, more than a little bit.

  3. The level of innovation at Apple now is an order of magnitude greater than when Steve Jobs was around. People don’t realize how small Apple was and how limited the scope of their business was while Jobs was alive.

    Apple has 10x more customers now, a much broader portfolio of products and services, and it is managing its business nearly flawlessly while most of its staff is working remotely.

    People treat excellence like it’s nothing these days and jump on the slightest misstep with fake outrage.

    Apple is throwing pearls before swine…

    1. “More” customers, and “broader” (more) products and services isn’t automatically linked to excellence, as you imply.

      By definition, “excellence” means scarce, not “more.”

      Yes, perhaps the scope, during Job’s time was less. Remember when he re-assumed his CEO (iCEO actually), he made a point of cutting offerings and refining to make things better and more essential. Also, he often said he was more proud of the products/services that received a “no.” That focus necessarily says “more” isn’t better.

      History shows us, AAPL during the Steve re-turn was managed (Fred Anderson stock backdating beside) nearly flawlessly. The company, at the start of Steve’s return was nearly bankrupt and he departed with many BILLIONS in the bank. Cook is EXCELLENT at managing the pot and increasing the stew, so, being critical of Cook has more to do with what he’s making of the company.
      I’ve never been just a AAPL stockholder…the story and ethos inspired me to stay tuned with anticipation and curiosity. But, Cook has changed my allegiance to mainly “just” a stockholder…and, in this realm, I’m pleased, but the story hardly inspires. In fact, it often repels.

      China and Tim’s proselytizing are just two realities that trouble and weary me and tarnish the story.

  4. Concerns over privacy and freedom are not “fake outrage.” For example; the peaceful real Taliban spokesperson is on Twitter, but fake terrorist Trump is blocked. For more than a few people, that is not a slight misstep. The outrage is real.

    1. One-star downvotes are welcome in the United States where free speech is sometimes still allowed in a few fringe corners of society.

      Back on point. The Taliban is on Twitter. Trump is not. That doesn’t sit well with a few freedom loving people. Just a tiny bit over 74,000,000 mostly real alive people as of 3:45am on November 4, 2020.

      While some may argue that Bad Orange Man is far (left) worse than just cutting off a few people’s heads or burning some people alive here and there, certainly you can see how such decision making by big tech fuels distrust in their services and decisions.

      So, while Apple’s anti-child porn efforts may be well-intended and even legit, unfortunately some people have grown tired of big tech trampling on the little mostly law abiding non-rioting peaceful legal people.

      1. Many roads to hell are paved with good intentions!
        That said i dont even believe this is the case here!
        Its sheer lying .. backstabbing.. Presenting a backdoor disguised as Virtue!
        Wolf in Sheep’s skin !
        I dont want Apples eyes and ears baked in my phone or iPads or anything Apple o touch !
        Apples Biggest Blunder to date !

        They need to be sued..MASSIVELY SO ! If they go through with this !!!!

  5. Thanks for the leadership MDN. It hadn’t occurred to me to hold back on iOS 15, but why not? Especially if major features are delayed. Unfortunately, I’m in the market for a new phone, and iPhone 13 will come with iOS 15 preinstalled.

    1. Get an iPhone 12, I just got a used Pro Max on eBay at a $300 discount from what Apple charges new. Or wait until the 12s are discounted after the 13s are released. At least wait for a few months until cyber freedom fighters can dig into iOS15 to see how big the surveillance monster Apple created really is.

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