More than half of U.S. Apple Retail Stores to again require masks

Apple plans to restore the requirement to wear masks at most of its U.S. Apple Retail Stores on Thursday for both customers and staff, even for those who are vaccinated against COVID-19, the company informed retail staff of the move Wednesday in a memo obtained by Bloomberg News.

Apple Face Mask
Apple Face Mask

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

Apple will again require masks for shoppers and employees at more than half of its about 270 U.S. stores. The decision was spurred by rising cases, new local mandates and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

“After carefully reviewing the latest CDC recommendations, and analyzing the health and safety data for your local area, we are updating our guidance on face masks for your store,” Apple told staff. “Starting July 29, face masks will be required in store for customers and team members — even if they’re vaccinated.” The company added it is making the change “out of an abundance of caution.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sigh.


  1. Apple’s spineless leadership strikes again – likely trying to minimize potential legal liabilities.

    Remember – after “two weeks to slow the spread” – when we were told that if we didn’t want to wear masks, we should get vaccinated? Now, those who are vaccinated are being told that they again have to wear masks.

    So, if the vaccine works, why are we being told to wear masks? Wake up.

    The world is not 100% safe. It will never be. If you value freedom, you’ll burn your masks and live your life while you still have life to live. We’ve already wasted nearly two years on this and we’ll be paying for these endless shutdowns for many, many years to come.

    Don’t waste your life cowering in fake fear kowtowing to elected and unelected bureaucrats who are tainted by politics and lust for fame and money.

    1. First Then…
      First you know absolutely nothing about epidemiology.
      As someone who has worked with these experts and done the math related to their research (biostatistics) I DO know how this works. I’ve been in the trenches with these guys and done the math for them.

      Second, I have deeply researched the studies and cases behind the statistics that are coming out. The vast majority of those coming from U.S. Agencies are well done and accurate.

      Third, while the vaccines ARE very effective against all variants of the SARS-COV-2 virus with regard to you getting a significant case of COVID-19 (note: SARS-COV-2 is the virus and COVID-19 is the disease), of whatever course of shots the person is getting there is no — absolutely none — verifiable research on contagion of the SARS-COV-2 virus among those that have been fully vaccinated (typ based upon incomplete and preliminary dataically taken as a person being two weeks after their last shot). Doing such a study would be extremely expensive and take a huge forlzwhile the Phiser vaccine is 95+% effective against you getting COVID-19 it may only 50% effective against you contracting the SARS-COV-2 virus at such a level that you could retransmit it to someone else.
      of the original variant of over a year ago. has Fifth: The best, non vaccination method of minimizing the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus is with masking and social distancing. This has not changed. This has been the case and the sane advice since the startnof ths whole pandemic.
      The preliminary data for the Delta variant is that it is more virulent that then original strain. If you get that variant of the virus you’re more likely to get really sick than if you had contracted the original strain.

      Sixth: Transmission from infected to vaccinate (Yes, politicians have given mixed messages, but the facts are the facts. There are absolutely no “alternative facts” here.)d to vaccinated to unvaccinated who finally get COVID-19 and ends up in the hospital is possible. That’s a reality. To deny that is equivalent to Seventhg you don’t expect the sun to rise tomorrow.
      Fourth: The Delta variant of the SARS-COV-2 virus is about double the transmissibilitys

      Finally: What’s the harm in you wearing a mask? It does not matter if the political right or political left asks you. Why would you not want to protect yourself as much as you realistically can as well as prote to do soct those around you?

      1. Thanks for explaining this, Shadowself. It’s a pity your text got a little bit mangled. It’s even more of a pity that it all gets turned into a political issue by so many people. As per MDN’s comment, “Sigh” indeed.

        1. I have a solution. Ted Cruz, First Then, and numerous other people are assuring us that the CDC guidelines are false and that the “experts” don’t know what they are talking about. So, the people who listen to them are avoiding vaccination, masks, and other common-sense public health measures. According to the CDC, that is putting the rest of us at a heightened risk and has (over the last 18 months or so) caused many unnecessary deaths. The core issue seems to be that the coronavirus deniers are going to do exactly the opposite of anything the CDC says because they assume that they are somehow “owning the libs” by doing so.

          So, we can end this whole debate. The CDC just needs to issue guidelines telling people not to shoot themselves in the head with a large-caliber firearm. The volume of debate would fall quite rapidly after that.

          1. You are a fool desperate to be led by morons, Fauci is a lying idiot, and Tim Cook is stupid toady for following him blindly.

          2. Why are the Democrats running around without masks? Texas Dems flee to DC – no masks. Biden in Pennsylvania yesterday (audience completely unmasked). CA Gov Newsom’s kids at summer camp – no masks. CDC doctor testifies in front of Congress with mask hanging off his face. Southern boarder is wide open to infected.

            Democrats to not care about covid, delta, vaccination… none of that.

          3. The effectiveness of masks to reduce transmission of the virus is well established, except among those who put politics above data. Those who wear masks are up to 70% less likely to test positive than unmasked individuals in the same environment.


            There is no reason to assume that masks are any less effective in those who are vaccinated than in those who are not. The risk that an unvaccinated individual will die of Covid-19 is pretty low; only 43 fully vaccinated individuals have died in Texas, 0.5% of total deaths since February. However, the risk of hospitalization is higher and the risk of developing an infectious case that can be passed on to others is higher still. Both rates are rapidly rising, due to the Delta variant. If wearing a mask can reduce the danger by 70%, what conceivable nonpolitical reason is there for ignoring the data?

            The virus is not beaten. Thanks to our low state vaccination rate, Texas hospitalizations are up by 50% in a week. The test positivity rate is higher than it has been since February. Again, how can anybody with a shred of human feeling object to a minor inconvenience that can save lives?

            1. Is that why Joe has opened the southern boarder to fully vaccinated infected illegals? Maybe the Dems WANT infections to increase? Why else would they be running around without masks on?

            2. So THAT’s why DEMOCRATS are bussing 1,000,000 migrants (who’ve been shown to have a 900% increase in Covid positive testing recently) across America?
              Sounds legit.

          4. The IHME is projecting One million US Covid deaths by November! That’s ~33% more than the influenza pandemic of 1918. Seven of the top eight infectious rates are red states with the lowest vaccination rates.
            Shocking and shameful statistics.

            1. Omg! One million deaths! Should we blame Biden? He doesn’t exactly ooze confidence. Kamala told everyone that she wouldn’t go near the vaccine. Now we are supposed to listen to them. I know the fart-left press blames Trump… strange… did he ever discourage anyone from getting vaccinated?

              The delta porn, fake investigation into Jan 6 and the mask issue are all misinformation and misdirection so people won’t notice falling wages, higher food and gas prices, border crisis, short supply of durable goods, rising Consumer Price Index. All of these fake porn stories need to drag out until after the 2022 elections.

              Misdirection and misinformation

            2. The DEMOCRAT administration has imported 1,000,000 migrants, with a shown 900% increase in Covid positive tests, and bussed them throughout America.
              Shocking and shameful statistics and wholly democrat.

            3. Yes, there have been almost a million arrests, but only 445,000 unique individuals, which is 7% less than in the same span of 2019 (when Trump was President). The high arrest number is because most of the people apprehended are immediately expelled and quite a few of them come back to be arrested a second or third time. At any given time, most of those 445,000 individuals are in Mexico, not the United States.

              The only individuals not immediately expelled are unaccompanied minors, for obvious humanitarian reasons. There have only been 15,000 of them in 2021, not a million. Most of them are too young to be vaccinated, but the published rate of positive tests among detained aliens is actually lower than the rate among unvaccinated US citizens in the border counties they are entering.

              This is just another lie meant to draw our attention away from the murderous incompetence of the Trump Administration in its initial handling of the new coronavirus and the continued incompetence of Trumpists in state government.

          5. CDC is controlled by politics. Just like WHO is controlled by Chinese. So, no, we don’t trust the CDC. I know you don’t like it, but that is a fact. You do believe in facts, don’t you. I don’t trust the Chinese. That is a fact. So what? If you wanna stay home with a mask on, go ahead. Who is stopping you?

          6. Who and where are these covid deniers you mention? Way to group people in a derogatory, sensational and irrational way. It fits your presumptive narrative and usual MO.

          7. Why aren’t the wacko Dems following their own wacko advice? Are they merely hypocrites or are they truly whack jobs (or both)? You don’t need to be a scientist to know the answer. Just have a listen to their crap and then watch them. Period

      2. “Finally: What’s the harm in you wearing a mask?”

        First, if you have to ask this, Then “you know absolutely nothing about epidemiology.”

    2. Well, here’s a reason. There are people who have compromised immune systems and vaccines have limited efficacy. Likewise only fifty percent of Americans are fully vaccinated and let me also add that the magic number for herd immunity for the Delta strain is ninety percent and that won’t be achieved.

      So what is the future? More mutations from developing countries until the virus just becomes another local infection. We’re getting more and more deaths in Sydney, Australia from the Delta variant. I just can’t believe that the US is so broken that you’ve politicised a pandemic and in so doing have also politicised the wearing of masks and social distancing. The CCP must be laughing their heads off. Congratulations America. You won the cold war and appear to be losing the peace. A few more insults should underscore all this.

      1. Love those “magic numbers” just like I love mask mandates and other policies that magically change because “new data” magically appears.

        I’m still trying to “accept” how ballot counting was magically stopped last November in four states (a first for a presidential election) only to wake up the next morning to magical new data. So magical! Ballots must have mutated overnight.

        More deaths from the deltaPORN variant? What does that mean? More deaths than before? Is that because there was no deltaPORN variant before? Or because the deltaPORN variant is the predominant strain at the moment so, of course, there are more complications or death due to deltaPORN?

        So, I have to ASK again, if the deltaPORN variant is so terrible, the vaccination rate so low, the country is facing another lockdown, why was Pelosi maskless on Thursday at a DC gathering AFTER she ordered the ARREST of the fully vaccinated? Why are all these Dems everywhere without their masks?

        Biden, on Thursday, was asked about testing the illegals he is bussing and flying to cities around the States. Why didn’t he answer the question?

        Don’t wacko Dems believe the “magical new data” and “magical science.”

        Of course nobody is listening to them. They are all liars! Misinformation, misdirection and other panic PORN until after the 2022 midterms.

        1. Why would anybody even attempt to answer one of your rhetorical questions? It would require repeating material from your high school biology class. If you do not know what a virus mutation is or where they come from, and cannot grasp the notion that some mutations make the virus more easily transmissible, more deadly, or both, I am not in a position to help you repeat ninth grade.

          1. These aren’t trick questions. A seven year old can answer them.

            I checked my new calendar. Pelosi, Jake Ellzey, his wife and two kids were ALL unmasked at his swearing in TODAY (Friday July 30, if I was unclear). Ohhh Ahh… so dangerous!! They might kill each other!! Porn, porn, porn! Shouldn’t they be arrested? Pelosi included? Maybe arrest the children, too. Aren’t those our cherished Speaker of the House’s orders? Arrest them! They are putting COUNTLESS lives at risk. Help help!

            This isn’t science. There is no data to look at or argue about. There is just crap. It is just crap. It’s brown. It stinks. Everyone knows that. My dog knows that. Do we really need Uncle Ice Cream and Aunt Sub Zero to tell (lie to) us? I don’t. Maybe you do. Which is totally fine. Maybe you can ask Google – they carefully screen the web, so you are assured to get the party lie. Uh.. line.

            I don’t need science to ask if the border is secure. I don’t need data to want to know if the illegals are infected, masked, fully vaccinated. These aren’t trick questions. It is easy stuff.

            What we are being told and what is happening are not the same. Not the same. So, something is wrong. I’m not wrong to say it is wrong.

            1. Here is some basic math for those who cannot understand why the Delta Variant is more than just libturd porn. Short version (long version available on request):

              If somebody with the original variant walks into an unprotected crowd, there might be about 8 cases after 30 days. If somebody with the Delta variant walks into that same crowd, there might be 125 cases after 30 days (and possibly as many as 729). The severity of the illness is typically more severe than with the original. Vaccination significantly reduces the risk of infection and protects most infected persons from the most severe symptoms, but vaccination does not prevent someone who is infected from transmitting the virus to others. Hence the need for masks, which can reduce the risk by up to 70%.


              Perhaps your dog knows better, but I doubt that he has a doctorate. The stuff you are shoveling ranks with these:


    1. Exactly.

      1. Good Reminder:

        “The sun revolves around the earth.” — Galileo, before he saw the data that convinced him otherwise.

        Refining or even replacing theories to incorporate new data is what pure science is about. Using those revised theories to make revised recommendations about real-world challenges is what applied science is about. Anybody who cannot understand that should not be expressing an opinion on scientific matters.

        1. Democrats spreading misinformation. Kamala saying “people hate wearing masks so get vaccinated.” I have asked, buy nobody can give one good reason as to why we should trust or listen to this administration?

          By the way, when will students return to school? Wanna follow the science and be safe and all. 2025? 2026? 2027?

        2. Refining or even replacing theories is what pure politics is about. Using those revised, often complete opposite theories to make contradictory recommendations about made up challenges is what fake news and politics is about. Anybody who cannot understand that should not be expressing an opinion on health matters.

          Uh… are you comparing Ice Cream Joe to Galileo? Facui? Yourself? Pelosi?

          1. Hey Galileo, so, if in the future it were to be determined that masks were not as effective as some thought they were… then… would that mean that the current “science” is wrong?

            1. Yes, it would mean that the current hypotheses of science would need to be revised. However, we cannot determine the best practices for today based on what the evidence might show in the future. We have to use today’s data to determine the best course of action for today. A virus that would spread exponentially absent countermeasures does not allow sitting around until there is 100% agreement from everybody, including the antivaxer community. We have to go with the highest probability advice from the consensus of those best qualified by education and experience to interpret the data currently available. Sometimes that turns out to be wrong when new data are collected, but the best current advice is, by definition, the best we have to go on at any given moment in time.

      2. Hey Txy, maybe we should “follow the science” and move to Beijing. The just had their FIRST covid case in 173 days. They really are doing a fantastic job over there. More than half the population of California all crammed into a single city and they have only had ONE case in six months. Clearly vaccinations, lockdowns and masks in the US are a complete farce and failure. It is just science, right?

        Fake news and misinformation. Dr. Walensky, head of the Communist Disease Center was on CNN yesterday and she proclaimed that child covid deaths are TWICE the regular influenza rate. OMG! Children will never go back to school (that is the wackos’ plan, right?). Anyway, back to FAKE CDC news… according to Walensky’s own Commie Disease Center websites there were 434 child deaths in 2019-2020 due to influenza. 124 child covid deaths 2019-2020 and 213 in 2020-2021. The head of the CDC lied and fake CNN just nods along.

        Is Dr. Walensky the “best qualified by education and experience to interpret the data currently available”? I’m not a doctor, but it is clear that you should move to Beijing where it is obviously MUUUCH safer than where ever you are now.

        Back to wacko Dems’ misinPORNation…

        If covid and OMGDELTA is so serious, why are the they maskless? Biden two days ago in Pennsylvania – he was maskless – the crowd was maskless. Didn’t ANYONE read the new mask memo?

        If OMGDELTA is such an existential threat, why is the southern border WIDE open to infected illegals? Why is it open to any illegals? But, that is a different topic.

        Why was the group of fleeing TXy Dems maskless on busses and inflight on their way to DC (where a few of them… OMG! tested positive)? Delta data delta data… oh my!

        Txy, can’t you see you are being scammed by a bunch of POLITICAL liars. Has anyone in the current administration said or done anything to demonstrate that they are trustworthy?

        So, how about you mask up and move to China. The current data and science clearly shows it is safer there.

        1. The Roman Catholic Church has a concept called “invincible ignorance.” It refers to the situation when an otherwise competent adult is so indoctrinated by a non-Catholic ideology (paganism, communism, Protestantism, etc.) that it has become literally impossible for anyone to make them hear and heed the truth. The best evidence and most eloquent debater in the world could never change their mind. The only way to break through to them would be direct divine intervention—a literal miracle.

          The coronavirus minimizers are so wrapped up in their ideology that they are capable of the following “reasoning:” Texas legislators follow the the-current CDC guidelines and do not wear masks while traveling in close quarters for hours with other vaccinated adults. Three of them subsequently test positive for the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Based on similar examples, the CDC changes its guidelines and recommends that vaccinated adults should wear masks. Somebody who is invincibly ignorant then cites that as an argument against wearing a mask, rather than the exact opposite.

          1. Is it ignorant to mandate vaccinated Americans to wear masks (or ARREST them if they don’t – see Pelosi) but welcome infected unmask illegals to the US? What is that, if not ignorant… or worse? So, it is quite clear, why nobody is listening to their politically motivated mandates. Txy, you do know that politics and science are not the same, don’t you. Sure science evolves, but does it evolve only when politically convenient? Duh!

            Why was Biden, his secret service, entire entourage and audience unmasked in Pennsylvania just days ago? They were hugging and taking selfies… unmasked. Isn’t DELTA worse than 9/11? Maybe Pelosi can ARREST him. No wonder nobody is listening to their crap. Because it is… crap. Duh!

            Even Kamala doesn’t make senses. “Nobody likes to wear a mask, so get vaccinated” says the vaccinated woperson wearing a mask. Either the masks or vaccine don’t work. Maybe neither works. That is what the vice occupier of the WH said two days ago. Science? I think not. Political deltaporn, we think so.

            You want to get the vaccination? Fine. Want to wear a mask for the rest of your life? Fine. Nobody has any problems with that. Have a good time!

            1. You don’t want to get a vaccination? You don’t want to wear a mask during a flareup at a hotspot? You want to commit suicide? Fine, but leave me and my family out of it.

              Your right to wave your arms around ends at the point where you are hitting other people in the face. Your right to spread a deadly disease ends at the point where you are putting nonconsenting people at risk. Which you are if you live in a hotspot and gather with other unmasked and unvaccinated “freemen” in crowded indoor venues where other people are present.

              In the states where 50% of the population is vaccinated, 99.5% of the fatalities are unvaccinated (although that will probably fall as the Delta Variant catches hold). The risk to the vaccinated from the more infectious and more virulent virus variants can be further reduced by wearing masks. Nobody ever promised that the vaccines were 100% effective against infection, only that they were highly effective against serious illness and death. Masks reduce the transmission of the virus for vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

              While you are buying a mask and getting a free vaccination, you might also buy a calendar. It should help you to understand that the date of the Biden event and the date of the Harris quote were both before the date of the revised mask guidelines.

              The only politics that is being played is by people like the current Governor of Texas, who issued a new executive order (or ukase as they call it in Russia) today forcing private businesses that have received government funding or loans to stop barring Typhoid Marys from their private premises. So, the businesses that accepted aid to stop the virus have been drafted to help spread it. Greg Abbott isn’t stupid enough not to know exactly what he is doing—trading Texas lives for Republican primary votes in other states. Unfortunately, his followers apparently are stupid enough to not to see it.

            2. Did I say anything about my vaccination status? Are you implying something without “data”? You just ASSuming something? Did I say, “My Body, Your Right”? Are my personal health records your business? Did I say anything about your family… ever?

              Who defines who is “waving their arms around”? How about you get a giant tattoo on your face so we will know how wonderful you are. See, we can tattoo the unvaccinated because if they get vaccinated later, then it is a giant inconvenience.

              In the states where 50% of the population is vaccinated, 99.5% of the fatalities are unvaccinated. What do you want Big Brother to do about that? Arrest them? Strap them down and jab them like in China?

              Did I say vaccines are 100% effective? Who said that? Does CDC data say that breakthrough infections are average 74 years old with one or more co-morbitity? So, not much has changed in the last 19 months, has it. Same old same old. Does CDC data indicate that the fully vaccinated are more likely to die by lightning, bee sting or their kids having to stay home (masked, of course) from school until 2027? It does.

              I’ll check my new calendar TOMORROW and wonder about how many infected illegals the Ice Cream administration is NOT testing. Or has that stopped? Probably not. I will also check if Sub-Zero (also ice cream) Pelosi was photographed maskless in DC after ordering the ARREST of the maskless in “the peoples’ house.” Yeah, I’ll keep checking my calendar and keep you updated. No worries with that.

              The only politics that is being played is by the people like Gavin Newsom of ultrawide super wacko left CA, who let his kids attend summer camp MASKLESS even in the scary midst of the current deltaPORN existential crises.

              So, a PRIVATE business can receive PUBLIC funds and then block the public. Ok. I’m not a lawyer, so I’ll let the courts handle that one. Isn’t the same as those gay bakeries that refuse to bake a straight cake for LGBTQIAPK+2 and LGBTQQIAAP customers? They always end up losing those in court. Funny how that goes. Anyways…

              So, why is the southern border open to the infected during this “serious” delta PORNdemic ? Why didn’t Biden, when asked directly YESTERDAY (on my new calendar), tell us if the illegals are being tested? Maybe he doesn’t know? He is the president, isn’t he? Is he? That is another topic.

              Isn’t this all smoke and mirrors to keep everyone locked up until after the midterms? Distracted from discussing Joe’s flavor of the weak? Just sayin, nothing like a little panicPORN do distract everyone.

              Why should we trust anything that comes out of the current administration? Are they trustworthy? Only OUR safety and best interests in mind? No politics? None? Zero?

              Regarding your family, you are welcome to swing your arms around to protect them as long as you don’t hit anyone else in the process. Thanks!

            3. Minnesota children 1 to 18 years old are three times more likely to be killed by peaceful gang violence than covid. Maybe the press could cover that porny story. Maybe they would if the gangbangers were of a certain skin color that shall not be named.

              As for adults, I wonder what the current odds are in Chicago of getting murdered or hospitalized from covid. That sounds like a story of interest, doesn’t it. But, we won’t hear it, because it isn’t a story of interest for the Democrat run city. Mention it on FB and you will get blocked.

            4. In the states where 50% of the population is vaccinated, 99.5% of the fatalities are unvaccinated. What do you want Big Brother to do about that?

              I want my government to protect me from irresponsible disease carriers, just like it protects me from people with active cases of typhoid, tuberculosis, and syphilis who want to work in a restaurant. I can go into a restaurant knowing that the cook isn’t going to give me one of those diseases. Why am I not allowed to go into a restaurant knowing that my server or a fellow diner is not going to give me a SARS-CoV-2 infection? Why am I not allowed to go to the grocery store or a pharmacy feeling safe from all the certainly unmasked and possibly unvaccinated people around me, knowing that the business owner and my city government would protect me if they legally could?

              In my county, 60% of adults are fully vaccinated and 70% have at least one dose. Nevertheless, we are at Condition Red because only 12% of our hospital beds and 2% of our ICU beds are available for new patients. Yet the minority who resist public health advice are claiming that their “right” not to be inconvenienced by a mask trumps the majority’s right to additional protection from exposure to a potentially deadly disease.

              If the state does not want to impose a statewide mask requirement, fine, but why prohibit local governments from imposing one when their medical facilities are becoming stressed with patients who need not be there? Why prohibit private businesses from protecting their customers as the business owners see fit? Why call people names when they wish to protect themselves?

            5. Re: Family, Covid, and Kids

              The data on homicide deaths and Covid-19 deaths in Chicago isn’t hard to find (it took me less than two minutes):

              In the last 18 months, 1306 people in Cook County died of homicide.

              In those same 18 months, 11,116 people died of Covid-19.

              If it makes people like you feel better, the majority of the disease victims had the same skin color as the majority of the homicide victims.

            6. The only way to know that you won’t get killed by your fully vaccinated and masked breakthrough case chef at your local restaurant is to not go. That is science. If you want to know that those evil breakthrough cases won’t get you, then you are already sick. Zero risk? Hahaha! Ok, get fully vaccinated, put your mask on, stay home and lock the door. Worked for Ice Cream Joe, can work for you, too! Have fun!

            7. If covid is such a problem, why is Biden letting everyone in?

              Was Biden asked if the illegals were being tested?

              What was his answer?

              Why is SubZero Pelosi maskless but ordering unmasked to be ARRESTED?

              Why are we supposed to trust these people?

              Google that (and stay safe! at home. with your mask ok. door locked. you and your loved ones will be safe.)

    1. Unfortunately, for a select few, this is true. No matter how low you and I get down voted (as I suspect this post will be).

      Own/drive a car? Science!
      Flown in a plane? Science!
      Own/use a computer or a phone? Science!
      Use LED lighting anywhere? Science!

      But for a select few, it does not matter what science says about SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19. It does not matter that the death toll is approaching 4.2 billion worldwide.

      For a select few they’ve been told that the people in the governments of the world are lying to with regard to SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19 them and the scientists are lying to th regard to SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19. That select few are more interested in believing that utter BS than believing in the facts.

      For some small subset of these people, I swear if they were told by their trusted sources that gravity is not a real thing, they’d gravity is not real it.

  2. Freedom – it means that you are not required to wear a mask. Freedom – it means companies worried about their employees are free to require masks and you are FREE not to frequent such establishments. I don’t understand what the big deal is …

    I am tired of wearing masks, but I do know several people that have died (two were older, but one was 43). If you don’t think they don’t work, tell your doctor to skip the mask and hand washing next time you have surgery.

    I am so sick of the whining and conspiracy theories!

    1. Strongly agree. To take some liberties with a Churchill quote, “Never have so many whined so much over so little.”

      Wear a mask when asked to. Get the vaccine. Quit yer complaining. Let us get life back to some semblance of normal.

    1. Yeah, like when your flight is delay by 20 minutes… 7 times. How bout just rent a car and drive. At least you will have control over when you will arrive.

  3. Fauci is a lying idiot and Tim Cook is stupid for following him blindly.

  4. Here’s some science for ya.!
    “The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by GlaxoSmithKline, which (accidentally) owns Pfizer!” (the one who makes the vaccine against the virus which (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and which was (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci, who (accidentally) promotes the vaccine ! “GlaxoSmithKline is (accidentally) managed by the finance division of Black Rock, which (accidentally) manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation), which (accidentally) manages the French AXA !” Soros (accidentally) owns the German company Winterthur, which (accidentally) built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German Allianz, which (coincidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Black Rock, which (coincidentally) controls central banks and manages about a third of global investment capital. “Black Rock” is also (coincidentally) a major shareholder of MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Pfizer (which – remember ? sells a miracle vaccine) and (coincidentally) is now the first sponsor of the WHO! Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China has infected the WHOLE PLANET !”

        1. Whether I believe him or not, I am certainly not going to believe anything you say after you posted that list of easily disprovable lies up above. What he is saying is entirely consistent with what I already knew about viruses and epidemics before I even knew who Tony Fauci was. What the Death Cult is saying (the virus, and even its more virulent variants, is no worse than the flu, so we need not take any special precautions) is entirely inconsistent with my preexisting knowledge.

          I have frequently quoted Sen. Moynihan that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but nobody is entitled to their own facts. I would add that everybody is entitled to be a fool, but not even fools are entitled to kill other people.

            1. You think a 2% mortality rate is good news? With uncontrolled spread of a virus this contagious in a US without vaccine, masks, or social distancing that would be 6.6 million deaths.

    1. Wow Manco, your stupid lie counter is off the ineptitude scale. My daughter in law works at the Headquarters of Glaxosmithkline, they are a UK owned and registered company in Brentford UK. They have zero links with either Pfizer or the Wuhan laboratory other than some shared manufacturing IP.
      Why are you lot so hopelessly uninformed and stupid? We need to know.
      This dual nationality UK/US citizen is seriously considering his commitment given I will pay some US taxes this year. For what I ask myself. Subsidizing half wits, malcontents and insurrectionists was not part of the deal.

    There’s simply no point in doing it when you’re going to be punished for it.

    1. Being vaccinated reduces your chances of becoming infected by about 70%, your chances of being seriously ill by about 93%, and your chances of dying by 99%. Mask-wearing can reduce those chances, and the chance of passing along the virus if you do get infected, by an additional 70% or so. That does not seem like punishment to me. Saving my life, and the lives of those I contact, seems more like a reward for responsible conduct, like the improved odds of survival if you don’t try to cross an expressway on foot at night.

  6. “Being vaccinated reduces your chances of becoming infected by about 70%, your chances of being seriously ill by about 93%, and your chances of dying by 99%.”

    Holy Cow! Now there’s a Texas-size whopper!

    1. So, who am I to believe on the ~70% effectiveness of the vaccine against infection with the Delta variant, you or 9 coauthors with doctorates?

      Who am I to believe on the effectiveness of the vaccine against death, you or the Texas Department of State Health Services (“Of the 8,787 people who have died in Texas due to COVID-19 since early February… 43 were fully vaccinated”)?

      1. “Who am I to believe bla bla bla…”

        That’s funny. You’re still believing all of that horse shlt we’ve been fed all along? How many lies do you need to be told until you figure it out?

        Oh yeah, and Trump won and you know it, you stinking useful idiot!

        Are you off of your meds again? You seem to be in a manic state again!

        1. Two guys were walking and discussing the pandemic. One of them cited two published articles. The other cited a conspiracy theory claiming the Democrats and Chinese were behind the articles. The first pointed out that one article was written by 12 virologists in England and the other by the Republican-led Texas health department. The other said that was just evidence that the conspiracy was far reaching.

          They were so absorbed in the argument that they tried to cross against a light and got hit by a truck. At their arrival at the Pearly Gates, they demanded to be taken before the Great White Throne to settle the matter. They asked, “Are the health professionals telling the truth about the pandemic?” “Absolutely!”

          “See, I told you the conspiracy runs all the way to the top!”

          1. Good to read all the pushback you are receiving and rightly so.

            You buy the manipulated POLITICAL science 🐂💩

            You buy LYING FLIP FLOPPER Fauci 🐂💩

            You buy Biden saying if your vaccinated you no longer need a mask until this week 🐂💩

            In fact, you buy all the Demonrat total 🐂💩 disgraceful messaging, lying, reversing course so many times I lost count.

            Of course you swallow all the 🐂💩 hook, line and sinker…

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