Man sends AirTag to Tim Cook and Apple returns it along with letter (video)

A YouTube user decided to send three Apple AirTags to different places and try to track them through their travels. One of them was sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Park.

The Washington Post bemoans that Apple's AirTags may be used for stalking
Apple’s AirTag

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

YouTube channel MegaLag sent one AirTag addressed to Tim Cook and another to Elon Musk. Not satisfied with just those two adventures, he also sent another AirTag to North Korea. The whole story is quite long and has been split into two videos, but they are quite interesting as the YouTuber details what happened to each AirTag and how the item tracker worked on each journey…

The AirTag sent to Tim Cook… arrived at Apple Park and stayed there for six weeks before being sent back to Germany. It turns out that Apple returned the AirTag with a letter to the YouTuber. The letter was even printed on a paper with rounded corners, and was signed by one of Tim Cook’s assistants.

MacDailyNews Take: Shows the power not only of Apple’s global Find My network, but also of rounded corners.


  1. DHL’s “GoGreen: should the package be sent climate neutrally?” WTF!! LOL!!! HOW!??? Using a sailboat? LOL!!! These stupid companies cashing in to scam dumb people for being “carbon conscious”

    1. Exactly how we all feel after reading an AppleSpazzznic or TXLLLLuuuuuuser post. No value, no intellectual thought, just a blind hatred of Apple and conservatism, respectively. MDN are right wing, but they attract a lot of anti-Apple and anti-conservative whacktoids. Sad.

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