Apple calls for U.S. SEC to require companies to disclose carbon emissions

Apple on Tuesday called for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to require companies to disclose emissions including from their “value chain,” according to a tweet from Apple Vice President Lisa Jackson.

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  1. That is a bit self serving. I wonder why they didn’t call on the SEC to require companies to reveal the amount of toxic metals introduced into the environment as well.

    I wonder how Apple would do compared to Polar Springs 🙂

      1. So why not call for publication. No matter how good Apple thinks it is they are way more toxic than Poland Springs! And a Steel Mills use more Carbon than Apple (Unless they are Nuclear Powered) Should we Power Steel Mills with Solar Panels now (good luck with that)

        Every company is different. How is this number meaningful to anybody. If Kia has a smaller Carbon footprint than Toyota, does it mean they are cleaner, or does it mean it produces fewer cars?

      1. Yes, I saw the Project Veritas damning videos of CNN staffers admitting as such on Hannity tonight, unbelievable. When approached on camera staffers said nothing and fled in their cars caught like the rats they are.

        More damning segment on Hannity’s show lined up for Wednesday night.

        I have been saying for over a decade how leftist biased and working with Democrat Party over 95% of the media.

        Pushback from woke leftists TxUseless, KingMe, Busted and GotNothing among others, where are they now?

        Well we know where they’re NOT. Educating themselves and watching Project Vertisas for caught on camera proof or following the most trusted media, Fox News.

        Vindication! 👍

        1. Imagine that somebody befriends your daughter with a fake identity under false pretenses, takes her to a country club where she can be filmed by a hidden camera in the dressing room, and then edits down hours of secret video recordings to a few seconds with surrounding footage, captions, and narration that “proves” she works in a strip club. That is what Project “Veritas” does as their standard operating procedure—entrapment for fun and profit.

          1. Not a surprise you are saying Project “Veritas” filming is FAKE NEWS and CNN executives did not say those things. Yes, something nefarious went on, maybe they paid or furnished CNN drunks with strippers, weed, money, or a bought a new car to gain access. Watch out for the black helicopters tinfoil hat, they’re coming for you…

    1. Democrats like Lisa Jackson, Tim Cook, etc. cling to invented secular ‘religions’ such as ‘Global Warming,’ ‘Orange Man Bad,’ ‘COVID-19 Fear-mongering,’ etc. in order to compensate for the void in their Godless souls.

    2. Exactly! That’s the first thing came to my mind. I wonder if Apple has been selling to China a huge amount of scrap device they collected free from their loyal customers for recycling. And of course they are buying a huge qty of solar panels from China for profit-only project. Apple (i.e, Cook) is completely leashed to China.

    3. I have no doubts Apple has been selling all these obsolete devices they collected free from their loyal customers, and buying huge qty of solar panels from the most competitive supplier, China for profit only projects in the world. Cook is leashed to China and wants SEC to check his own competitors? Self-serving at best (worst). But that’s his mentality. For me to trust him, he has to walk the walk and talk the talk first.

  2. This has the feel of a vengeful toddler–armed with special knowledge they know will bring some sort of retribution–that taddles on their sibling.

    Tim Cook, again leading Apple in a presumptuous Social Justice Warrior way AND, to use the very applicable example above…leading, while dragging a big load of hypocrisy because of the China Thing(s).

    Also, this is a prime example of the toxic cultural habit of today…shaming and guilting people and ideas that don’t fit into one’s paradigm. This propensity in full-bloom is nothing but big-brother in a Marxist vein.

    For those that find it challenging to hold seemingly opposing ideas simultaneously, this doesn’t not mean I advocate enviro carelessness.

      1. Some people might think that mitigating the life-threatening consequences of global climate change by CANCELLING unnecessary carbon emissions is a desirable thing.

        If you disagree, you are welcome to sit in your garage with the motor running to enjoy all the benefits of increased emissions we have heard about. It makes plants grow, according to the pseudo scientists who have moved on to fossil fuel promotion since tobacco lobbying does not pay so well any more.

            1. Ronner that is correct I’ve been pointing it out, but arrogant self-righteous leftists need not be bothered with protocols for honest respectful exchange and debate.

              TowerTone you nailed exactly his daily MO, degrading all posts that don’t help woke Democrats. Too easy not to notice.

              Both spot on!…

  3. “Climate Change” Is A Hoax

    Like some suckers still do, I once believed that “science” was a rigorous process where you tested theories and revised those theories in response to objective evidence. But in today’s shabby practice, “science” is just a package of self-serving lies buttressing the transnational liberal elite’s preferred narrative. Our alleged betters hope that labeling their propaganda “science” will science-shame you into silence about what everyone knows is a scam.

    Nah. “Climate change” is a hoax.

    When you say “climate change is a grift,” and you should as often as possible, you are pointing out that this green-on-the-outside/red-on-the-inside fake frenzy is really just a set of intertwined grifts transparently designed to separate you from your freedom and your property in the name of somehow adjusting the weather.

    Observing that “climate change” is steaming garbage served in a dirty ashtray is not disputing that the climate changes. That the climate is not static, and never could be static, is one of the myriad reasons that this whole idea is ridiculous. The planet gets hotter, it gets colder, sometimes quickly, sometimes over eons, and there are a bunch of reasons why, like the sun and volcanos. Human-produced carbon might be one of the factors, but there’s simply no evidence that it is a significant one. Of course, if they really cared about carbon, they would be up in arms about China and India, which are upping their output while we are slashing ours. Yet the object of their ire is your New York strip. Gosh, does that seem consistent with 1) someone truly concerned about atmospheric carbon, or 2) someone who trembles with joy at the notion of bossing around you rubes out in gun/Jesusland?

    The underlying premise of their claims seems to be that there is a “right” temperature for the earth; watch them sputter when you enquire about that perfect setting for Earth’s thermostat. Remember, if you ask questions you hate “science.” If they did stop telling you how you hate “science” long enough to respond, they might explain that of course there’s no perfect temperature.

    But then, what are they comparing the present climate to in order to declare that our climate is “getting worse?” If you establish a climate baseline, then you can compare what’s actually happening to the baseline and that might demonstrate that the whole thing is baloney. That would be awkward.

    It happened after Katrina. “Oh, Katrina’s proof positive that Gaia is really ticked off and…and…and…” then we had a bunch of years without much hurricane action at all. You might think that this would be evidence that maybe the climate wasn’t in chaos, and that they would be happy to be proven wrong, but no, it doesn’t work that way. Every time the weather fits the narrative, you see, it’s proof that the climate kooks are right, and every time the weather fails to fit the narrative, well, weather’s not climate. At least until the next heat wave or storm; then weather will totally be climate again.

    Heads, you must give us all your freedom and money, and also tails, you must give us all your freedom and money.

    Now, we’re being told that we’re all going to die in…I guess we’re down to what? About 11.5 years this go ‘round? Of course, we’ve been told many times that we’re doomed and the deadlines have come and gone with the doomsdayers not missing a beat. They’re like old timey Elmer Gantrys promising the apocalypse over and over again, with their hardcore true believers regularly showing up for the rapture over and over again no matter how many times the Four Horseman fail to turn up.

    We haven’t even seen one horseman.

    Back in the 70s, I remember we were promised an ice age if we didn’t give liberals our money and freedom. Then in the 80s, we were promised death by ozone hole if we didn’t give liberals our money and freedom, and then doom by acid rain if we didn’t give liberals our money and freedom. By the time they started promising that we were all gonna die from global warming if we didn’t give liberals our money and freedom, I was still wanting my ice age. It would be nice to have a white Christmas in LA.

    So, where’s my damn ice age?

    Oh right, only a climate denier – Climate, I deny thee! – might wonder why we should hand over one, ten, a hundred trillion bucks to people who have never once been right about their predictions. You evidently hate “science” if you expect the “science” people to be correct at least one time in a half-century.

    And they’re not even good at short-term prognostication. Heck, for several days Hurricane Dorian was supposed to slam head on into Florida and then…it didn’t. The Obamas just bought a $15 million pad on the beach – what’s that say about their faith in “science?” But don’t worry, the guys batting .000 so far will definitely get the temperature in 2129 right if we only just write them a huge check and transform ourselves from citizens to serfs.

    That’s another big red flag – have you noticed how “science” always tells us that the only possible response to the climate hullabaloo is to give liberals exactly what they always wanted anyway? How lucky are the leftists to have had an existential problem drop in their laps where the only solution is to give them everything they could not otherwise convince us to give them? What a remarkable coincidence!

    And what’s also weird is how nothing that we must do “right now no time to debate it’s a crisis think o’ the children” in any way inconveniences or calls for sacrifices from our climate crisis-pushing elite. Boy, they really scored with climate change – if they were going to manufacture a crisis in order to get the power and money they craved, how would they do it any differently?

    Now, they might claim that they too will have to sacrifice to the Angry Weather Demon, but it’s unclear how. I suppose they might stop flying across the globe to climate finger-wagging festivals in private jets, but call me jaded for thinking that if it’s such a crisis today and they have not stopped doing it yet, they won’t stop jetting about down the road. Oh, but you will. You most definitely will stop flying and driving the vehicles you choose and eating cheeseburgers and using straws that don’t disintegrate into gummy sludge in your Dr. Pepper. But them? Pete Buttigieg explained away his zipping around in Gulfstreams as necessary because it is important for him to be pestering people in Des Moines. Bet you that pretty much everything our betters want to do will turn out to be “important.” And I’ll bet that nothing that you peasants want to do will.

    One might think that if stopping carbon was important, you might want to explore nuclear power. But you would think wrong. After all, if there’s plenty of electrical power, the elite loses the political power that comes from divvying up a scarce resource. If they control the power, they control you. Cheap, plentiful power makes you freer, which is a bug, not a feature.

    Oh, and those many millions of people in Middle America who directly or indirectly rely on fracking and the rest of the fossil fuel industry? Better learn to code or something, because your good job is history. Weird how all the sacrifice once again falls on those out in the hinterlands and not on the blue coastal city swells, huh? But you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that our moral superiors in Brooklyn and Alexandria and Santa Monica enjoyed showing you sweaty rubes who’s really the boss by impoverishing you. Because that, and not the weather in a century, is and always has been what the “climate change” hoax is really all about.

    — Kurt Schlichter

      1. We really don’t have to worry about this for too much longer. We were told in the summer when Trump first started running for President that “all the scientist agree we only have 12 more years”. This summer we will be down to 7.

        When Biden finishes office we will be down to 4. That might be a good time to sell your house and close your 401k and IRA and just enjoy your last 4 years on earth! We will see how many people on the left REALLY believe the end of the world narrative at that time.

        — and if the world doesn’t end in 7 more years, then the people on the right will say “I told you so” and the people on the left will continue listening to the same media that made up all the lies in the first place so they can get another 10 year extension and believe that too. 🙂

        1. I’m not going to waste my time with hopelessly indoctrinated dogma Leftist TxUseless, continually spewing propaganda from woke Democrats.

          Only a fair minded reasonable person capable of critical thinking skills would appreciate the following:

          “Former George Tech atmospheric-sciences professor Judith A. Curry described the report’s conclusions [U.N. Climate Report 2018, Al Gore commented on ‘time is running out”] as the “same old, same old,” based on questionable climate models and not “NEW science or better ways of assessing uncertainty.”

          ″[E]ven with erroneous attribution of extreme weather/climate events and projections using climate models that are running too hot and not fit for purpose of projecting 21st century climate change, the IPCC still has not made a strong case for this massive investment to prevent 1.5C warming,” she said on her Climate Etc. blog.

          “’s Tony Heller ticked off past failed predictions of global-warming disaster, such as a 1989 U.N. warning that “entire nations could be wiped from the face of the earth” by rising seas unless global warming was reversed by 2000.

          He posted a video Sunday on YouTube titled, ”(Always) Ten Years Left to Save the Planet.”

          “Every 10 years, climate scientists say we have 10 years left to save the planet,” Mr. Heller said. “Sometimes they want to save it from global warming, other times they say they want to save it from global cooling.”

          SOURCE: Associated Press, 2018

          I have to laugh at the arrogant know it all woke Leftists that claim it’s based on their science, and no surprise backed by liberal universities and liberal media. They don’t want to hear common sense conflicting points of view and immediately dismiss it out of hand if it comes from conservative scientists or universities. We see this daily in the media how the left dismisses alternative narratives and solutions that threaten their beliefs and don’t even investigate the claims for honest comparison.

          Science changes all the time as we learn more everyday, read AGAIN Leftists.

          Quote professor Judith A. Curry above: the “same old, same old,” based on questionable climate models and not “NEW science or better ways of assessing uncertainty.”

          Quote Tony Heller above: “ticked off past failed predictions of global-warming disaster, such as a 1989 U.N. warning that “entire nations could be wiped from the face of the earth” by rising seas unless global warming was reversed by 2000.” Well, 21 years later we are still here, so obviously the Leftists scientists and politicians were/are WRONG, AGAIN and AGAIN…

  4. ‘Tis a good time to remind that Algore said in ’06, “we have 10-yrs to get it fixed,” (not verbatim).

    Just minutes ago in the World’s timeframe, let’s not forget the nuts in the 70’s that forecasted an “ice age.”

    For the presumptuous and tedious conflationists, to deduce my statements advocate enviro recklessness is weak thinking.

  5. I want Apple to disclose how many children die in the Congo mining the rare earth metals required for the vast battery arrays required for electric cars and the even vaster battery farms required in the future to store all the energy produced by windmills and solar panels?? Already tens of thousand of children die early deaths from this awful slave labor but the number will multiply when the idiot green energy plan is implemented. In the real world, coal, natural gas and nuclear plants must be built for every solar and wind plant, so they can provide immediate back up when the wind stops blowing and the sun is not shining. These power sources are pure stupid. And without massive government subsidies the real cost to the consumer would be 3 or 4 times the cost of clean coal or clean natural gas. By the way, Apple, carbon dioxide is GOOD and an absolute necessity for human life.

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