Paramount+ launches March 4th for $9.99/month

ViacomCBS today provided an update on the company’s streaming strategy, which leverages the company’sproduct offerings across free, premium, and pay segments with Pluto TV and SHOWTIME OTT to create a linked ecosystem with the launch of Paramount+ on March 4th.


Paramount+ will feature live sports, breaking news and a large library of entertainment from ViacomCBS’ portfolio of world-renowned brands and production studios, including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and the Smithsonian Channel.

Paramount+ will feature content catalog of more than 30,000 episodes, 2,500 movie titles and over 1,000 live sporting events, plus around-the-clock news coverage:

• Select Paramount Pictures films to stream on Paramount+ following a short theatrical release, including A Quiet Place Part II, PAW PATROL: The Movie, and Mission: Impossible 7

• Over 50 original series to premiere on Paramount+ over next two years, including Halo, Frasier, Criminal Minds, iCarly, The Real World, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, shows from the Avatar, Yellowstone, Star Trek and SpongeBob SquarePants universes and more

• 7,000 episodes of kids’ content, 5,000 episodes of reality and 6,000 episodes of comedy

• Marquee sporting leagues and events on the service include the NFL, Masters, PGA TOUR, NCAA, SEC, The PGA Championship, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, National Women’s Soccer League, Concacaf and more

• News offerings available include renowned CBS News programs, new series such as 60 Minutes+, live streams of local affiliates in over 200 markets across the U.S. and the 24-hour streaming news service CBSN

New details about Paramount+ were unveiled during the ViacomCBS Streaming Event presentation, including over 50 exclusive original series across scripted dramas, kids and family, reality, comedy, music, sports, news, and documentaries that are set to premiere on the service in the next two years, including 36 arriving in 2021. These originals will join a catalog of more than 30,000 episodes and 2,500 movie titles. In addition, pricing tiers, leading launch sponsors and international rollout plans were announced.

Paramount+ will have two pricing tiers available to U.S. subscribers:.

• The premium tier, at $9.99 per month, will be available with the full depth and breadth of live sports, around-the-clock news programming and world-class entertainment spanning Paramount+ originals to an expansive suite of current and library shows and movies. The offering will include CBS’ live linear feed and commercial-free on demand viewing, with 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision, mobile downloads and cross-platform dynamic play functionality.

• An ad-supported tier will launch in June for $4.99 per month and offer the best in sports, news and entertainment. At that time, the current $5.99 plan will no longer be available for new users, but existing users will maintain grandfathered access. The ad-supported tier will feature Paramount+ originals, marquee sports content including live championship-level soccer and live NFL games, breaking news through CBSN, and include the full suite of current and library CBS shows available on demand.

Both Paramount+ tiers will feature curation and discovery, personalized homepages, content categories, and central hubs for ViacomCBS’ brands. Additionally, each subscription option will include parental control capabilities and up to six individual profiles.

At launch, Paramount+ will be available online at, via the Paramount+ app for iOS and Android, and across a wide number of platforms, including smart TVs, connected-TV devices, online, mobile, gaming consoles, and leading OTT providers.

MacDailyNews Take: Any takers?


  1. Oh gee… ANOTHER streaming service. No thanks.

    I can hear all these guys sitting around saying, “it’s only five or $10 a month, who can’t afford that?“. But nobody in the room seems to ever say, “well, the problem is consumers are being asked to afford eight of them, and we’d be the 9th.”

  2. A strange thing happened to me when I was exposed to unlimited film and TV shows via streaming– I became ‘less interested’ — I started ‘fast forwarding through movies to find the ‘good parts’ (if there were any). I felt that a 2 hour movie was like a “Cliff’s Notes” view of characters compared to a multi-season show. At some point, I got sick of the whole format, and jumped over to Youtube, and started searching obscure titles, and ended up with ‘Steve Wallis Stealth Camping In An Airport Parking Lot’ — surprisingly, that was more entertaining that half the movies on streaming.

  3. I have it already as part of tv+ CBS All Access + Showtime bundle. It’s $9.99/month and turns into this “premium tier” Paramount+ service (not ad-supported). I assume Showtime part continues at no extra cost. Plus billing goes through Apple and I look for (legit) deals on Apple gift cards which become store credit (like a discount on subscriptions and other digital purchases).

    I like how it’s well-integrated with overall tv+ experience, instead of being a separate service. For example, what I’m watching on CBS appears as What’s Next and suggestions in tv app. AND it’s accessible through my very old 3rd gen (A5) Apple TV box (tiny one with simple remote control). Apple still updates it with new software to make it work with current tv+ service.

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