Apple now selling refurbished M1 MacBook Air units, save up to $250

Apple on Tuesday started selling refurbished M1 MacBook Air units that was recently released in November 2020. Pricing on refurbished MacBook Air models starts at $849, which is $150 cheaper than the standard $999 starting price for a new model.

MacBook Air with M1 is an absolute powerhouse of performance and thin-and-light portability.
Apple’s current 13-inch M1 MacBook Air is an absolute powerhouse of performance and thin-and-light portability.

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Apple has gold, silver, and space gray M1 ‌MacBook Air‌ models with an 8-core CPU, 7-core GPU, and 8GB RAM available to purchase, along with one higher-priced $1,019 model that has 16GB RAM.

Pricing is approximately 15 percent less than retail, which is standard for refurbished devices…

Additional higher-end models may be added in the future, so those looking for a specific ‌M1‌ ‌MacBook Air‌ configuration should check back regularly.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple yesterday also began selling refurbished M1 MacBook Pro models for the first time. (So far, there are no refurb M1 Mac mini units available.)


    1. When it arrives, it’ll probably be M2 (second half of 2021 before Holidays) 😉 The 27-inch Intel iMac was significantly updated only about six months ago (August 2020). However, the smaller iMac hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years. So, maybe we see that replacement first (in 23-24 inch screen) with M1 sooner, with bigger (30-inch?) iMac with M2 later.

  1. That refurb MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 is great deal at $1099. Across all Macs, there are A LOT more refurb listings (mostly Intel) than I can recall recently. Apple seems to be having an unofficial sale on Intel Macs. Some of them maybe not “refurbs” but Apple doesn’t want to call them “clearance” (yet) 😏

  2. They are bringing them in for service under AppleCare. It would be more expensive for Apple to fix them than to swap them for a new computer, refurb the old one, and sell it at a discount.

  3. I have never wanted to own a “low end” Mac laptop since the 90s when I got my first Mac portable for travel.

    My BTO M1 MBAir with 16GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive is the very first for me. And I sold my mid-2020 MBP to pay for it and still made about $200 over the cost of the MBAir.

    This is the very first Mac laptop that I never, ever worry about keeping charged!

    For decades, I’ve read the MPG battery ratings on MBPs and just rolled my eyes. The aforementioned mid-2020 MBP is rated “up to 10 hours battery life.” Bah! I’m sure I never got even 5. That’s fine, lots of browser tabs, but otherwise no heavy lifting. I just accepted it as marketing BS.

    But no more.

    The M1 MBAir is rated “up to 15 hours” and honestly, I really don’t need to charge it throughout the day. I snoozes when I forget about it and in about 8 weeks of daily use (some days more than others)? I think it may have only given me the low battery reminder 3 times?

    Oh, and that fan sound when Chrome heats up and starts churning?

    “Fan sound,” you say?

    There IS no freaking fan in the thing! And it sits cold on my lap as I bang away on the keyboard each morning waiting for coffee to jumpstart my brain. If you live in a cold climate, this may disappoint. It won’t heat the tops of your thighs like that INTEL log on the fire. You might need a blanket. I can’t wait for summer when the weather is hot, but the MBAir’s not.

    OH, one big bummer. ☹️ The Touch Bar is gone. 💔 [insert weeping, sad face emoji here]

    But seriously, THE TOUCH BAR IS GONE! 🥂🎉🍾🥳🍻 OPEN BAR! DRINKS ON ME!

    Man, if that wasn’t a total waste of space as Apple tried to compromise and not give the folks a touchable laptop screen. I don’t need either, so no loss here. I’d rather have the production costs slightly lower. Like others here, I suspect the Touch Bar will disappear faster than the perfectly round mouse of yore. Call me a BlackBerry user (actually I hated the one I tried out a few months before Apple announced the iPhone), but it’s great to see and feel physical F buttons again.

    Is it faster as well?

    Well,… probably. I thought I would notice that more, and I’m sure in a vacuum it is. Do things happen at the speed of light? For my daily use of mostly reading and writing, I’d say a bit faster. But more important than is that it’s definitely not slower than the top of the line MBP I just sold on Craig’s to finance this venture. Rosetta 2 is invisible once activated for non-native software (Office is not indigenous yet). And when you’re not hearing fans blow and cooking the top of your thighs or desk? It sure seems faster.

    The only thing I actually miss from the MBP is the slightly brighter screen.

    My eyes read better in the best lit conditions I can create, and the MBAir is 400 cd/m2, while the MBP was 500 cd/m2, about 25% brighter if those numbers can be trusted. My anecdotal experience is that it feels like the slightly older MBP was about 10-15% brighter. Not huge, but noticeable if you put them side by side.

    Anyway, this refurb deal might work for some if you can get one of the 16GB models and enough HD space. It’s only about a 15% discount off of buying brand new where you know no one has dropped or baptized it. We usually didn’t recommend our clients by Apple laptops “refurbished” because you just never knew the history of the device. In addition to the other aforementioned needs to actually “refurbish,” Apple sometimes just makes lemons. Desktops tended to be a much better risk. But if it’s the difference between owning on or not, roll the dice and for it.

    You might want to grab some AppleCare before you hit the door just in case.


  4. Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine, Nick. 🌞 Seemed to me my experience was quite relevant to the topic, but I did forget to make a partisan comment so maybe I lost you there.

    Sorry if a first hand user’s report is not relevant to you, but there I go flappin’ my gums again.

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