Judge bars Epic Games from pursuing Apple in the U.K. over Fortnite ban

A U.K. judge has barred aspiring freeloader Epic Games from widening its fight with Apple over App Store access to its Fortnite video game.

Epic Games' Fortnite violated Apple's App Store guidelines
Epic Games’ Fortnite violated Apple’s App Store guidelines

Jonathan Browning for Bloomberg News:

Epic had submitted a complaint to the U.K.’s antitrust tribunal at the end of last year, saying Apple’s decision to remove the game from the iPhone maker’s App Store was unlawful. The judge ruled Monday that while the U.S. was a better forum for the Apple dispute, a similar U.K. suit against Alphabet Inc.’s Google could move forward.

Epic has sought to pursue the two tech giants in court and with regulators around the world in an effort to reinstate the battle royale video game. It was dropped from app stores after trying to circumvent payment systems with its own in-app purchases.

Epic said it will reconsider pursuing Apple in the U.K. after the ruling.

MacDailyNews Take: Chalk up another loss for the aspiring freeloader Epic Games.

The bottom line: Epic Games wants to enjoy all of the benefits of Apple’s App Store, including access to well over one billion of the world’s most affluent users for free. That is illogical, unfair, and, basically, theft.


  1. This is so interesting. Nobody, even Apple, to my surprise, speak about the fees involve to make the App Store sustainable, curated and accessible all over the world. It take 24/7 employees, servers uptime, marketing, R&D, up-to-date transactional platform and so on. My guess is when you make money, you want more. Even Apple nowaday seems to fall into that category. Don’t get me wrong, Apple is one of the best, if not the best Tech giant worldwide. They have my trust, therefore, my money. Let’s play Frag while the war wage on!

  2. Epic is just doing a money grab.
    They are so arrogant that they want to keep all the money.
    It doesn’t matter that Apple put in the infrastructure, support and branding.

    It’s part of the culture of “Me, Me, Me”.

    They deliberately broke the legal contract they had with Apple.
    They knew the rules in advance, agreed to it, grew their business within the Apple ecosystem and then took arbitrary means to break the contract.

    This was all months planned in advance by Epic.
    They knew what they were doing and their arrogance hope to break Apple.

  3. I’m guessing they thought they were so big and popular that the user demand would force Apple’s hand to cave in… but they really didn’t have a leg to stand on.

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