Twitter warns user growth to slow; expects ‘modest impact’ from Apple’s privacy push

Twitter on Tuesday beat quarterly sales and profit estimates but missed expectations on user growth and warned this rate would slow in the upcoming quarters. The company said it expected “modest impact” from the rollout of Apple’s planned “App Tracking Transparency” privacy changes to the iOS and iPadOS operating systems for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Apple’s new tool allows users to block advertisers from tracking them across different apps.

Twitter tests new voice tweeting feature exclusively on Apple's iOS
Twitter in 2020 tested a new voice tweeting feature exclusively on Apple’s iOS


In the fourth quarter, Twitter said it had 192 million average monetizable daily active users (mDAU) – its term for the number of daily users who can view ads, up 26% from a year earlier. Analysts were expecting 196.5 million, according to IBES data from Refinitiv. Twitter said that user growth rates may decrease to “low double digits” beginning in the second quarter.

Ad revenue was $1.15 billion, up 31% from the same period a year ago. Analysts on average were expecting revenue of $1.19 billion, with ad sales totaling $1.05 billion.

Twitter said it expected total revenue in the current quarter to be between $940 million and $1.04 billion, compared to estimates of $965.14 million.

It said it expected “modest impact” from the rollout of Apple Inc’s planned privacy changes to the iOS system.

MacDailyNews Take: Like both Google and Facebook, Twitter desperately needs viable competition in order to keep them honest. The online world is awash in monopolies, stagnated and diminished by monopoly abuse.


  1. Blame Apple? Yeah, right. Censorship and kicking users off their platform is causing them to lose money. Kicking Trump off of Twitter was the first step toward their irrelevancy.

        1. Sorry, I read the reference to Apple as a reference to their profits, not Twitter’s. However, there isn’t much evidence of losses from “censorship” there, either.

          That company “beat Wall Street earnings expectations for the fourth quarter of 2020 and netted a gain of 5 million daily users,” despite the Trump controversies. “Twitter noted the increase in average absolute monetizable [daily active users] through the end of January was above the historical average from the last four years. Q4 revenue totaled $1.29 billion, an increase of 28% year over year, and Twitter posted net income of $222 million, representing diluted earnings per share of 27 cents. Wall Street analysts on average issued consensus estimates of $1.19 billion in revenue and EPS of 16 cents.”

          Apple’s privacy restrictions are going to affect Twitter a lot more than their efforts to curb sedition.

        1. Amen Hal and Kent!

          Simply another garden variety PC leftist extremist the champion of double standards and hypocrisy employed with voluminous tedious paragraphs of ARROGANCE and not a fair minded bone in his body.

          Trying to respectfully reason with a know it all LYING EXTREMIST I learned is a total waste of time. The gloves are off…

  2. Why don’t Facebook, Google and Twitter have pay tiers if their services are that good? I’m sure there would be plenty of people willing to pay to use those services. Of course, the pay tier shouldn’t allow any ads or use of private information. Those companies can’t just continue blaming Apple if they lose money. Users should be the ones to blame if they decide to opt-out of ad-tracking. I doubt if everyone is bothered by personalized ad-tracking. I probably wouldn’t mind if were to be ad-tracked for items I might be interested in. As long as it doesn’t slow down my pages from loading, I really don’t mind ads. In fact, I barely notice them. Facebook needs to chill out.

    1. Facebook, Google and Twitter don’t have pay tiers of their services because the woke potatoes that have demanded cancellation, are the same idiots demanding their college loans be paid off and to have the government dictate $15.00/hour minimum wage even if they aren’t worth it. So, do you honestly think a tier payment system would be tolerated by the likes of these woke dill holes? Good luck with that Jack!

  3. Apple is now challenging Twitter and Facebook as the most EVIL corporation in America. Apple is coming on strong in this race with Tim Cook giving Jack Dorsey a very strong challenge in the EVIL category. If Steve Jobs were alive he would fire Cook on the spot for the vile action he took against the American free market in his EVIL decision about Parler. Sadly, Tim Cook doesn’t have Steve around to send him to the unemployment office.

    1. Could not agree more, Kent. Jobs warned against Apple getting involved in partisan politics and obviously Tim Cook has totally ignored his advice marching in rainbow pride parades and supporting ALL LEFTIST CAUSES.

      I’ve said it too many times to count. Tim Cook should be removed as CEO of Apple for not upholding the Constitution and playing partisan games with supporting leftist cause with Apple profits.

      Apple Board PLEASE grow a pair and remove the uncreative beancounter CEO can be easily replaced by dozens of other beancounter CEOs. But the Gold Prize would be to bring back out of the wilderness creative genuis and heir apparent, as well as right hand man to Steve Jobs — the legendary Scott Forstall…

  4. “Twitter on Tuesday beat quarterly sales and profit estimates but missed expectations on USER GROWTH and warned this rate would slow in the upcoming quarters.”

    Twitter in collusion with Big Social Media REPEATEDLY banned President Trump disenfranchising 75 million voters, so gee, what a surprise USER GROWTH IS SLOWING.

    BTW, Jackhole read elsewhere profits are down after the Trump BAN you trampled on his First Amendent right of free speech while allowing terrorists and facist groups like BLM and ANTIFA to SPEW HATE.

    You are not a patriot of the USA Costitution, you are another IDIOT left wing CENSOR…

    1. Right, because using deadly force against the United States Congress to overturn the constitutional election process in a pathetic effort to impose the will of a minority on the majority is so very, very patriotic. And calling on the federal government to impose “fairness” requirements on editorial decisions by private publishers is so very, very faithful to the First Amendment. How does that go? Ah, yes, “War is peace / freedom is slavery / ignorance is strength.” You are so strong.

      1. That’s an outright lie, TxUser. Either you have been too lazy to either read the text of Trump’s speech or to listen to what he said. He never promoted anything violent or illegal and the “show trial” and miserable smears he has had to endure for the past five years are the real criminal behavior by lying Dumbocrats and their Pravdaesque media stooges.

        Yes, I referred to Pravda. Look it up if you don’t know your history. And TASS also. That’s what your goons have devolved the media to become over the past 50-60 years. May they rot in Hell.

        1. It wasn’t just the speech. It was a four-year campaign to undermine the confidence of the public in our electoral system by making wild and still unsubstantiated (by credible first-hand evidence) allegations that it is hopelessly corrupt. It was cynically pushing his opponents to vote by mail and his supporters to vote in person so that he could argue “stop the counting” on national TV before many of the Biden ballots could even be opened.

          It was waging a four-month campaign to convince his followers that constitutional institutions and procedures (including the judges and justices that he had himself appointed) were insufficient to #stopthesteal, so extralegal measures were justified. It was trying to convince gerrymandered state legislatures to disenfranchise the entire population of their state by reversing the vote of the people. It was none-too-subtly threatening state officials if they did not “find” enough votes to give him the Presidency. It was encouraging an escalating pattern of physical threats against Republicans who insisted on performing their duty to conduct and certify a fair election, even if a Democrat won.

          Finally, it was calling for tens of thousands of his most fervent supporters to come to Washington on January 6 for the express purpose of pressuring Congress and/or the Vice President to do what the legislatures had declined to do—disenfranchise millions of Americans by discarding their votes and substituting presidential electors who would vote the party line, rather than the will of the people. That would have been unconstitutional, but that did not stop him from whipping up the crowd, telling them that he would march to the Capitol with them, and urging them to “fight” for the unconstitutional outcome. What followed was exactly what any reasonable person would have expected. The only thing surprising was that so few people were killed.

          That is a pattern of contempt for American principles that should disbar the offender from ever again holding public office.

          1. If Trump is so bad, what are you afraid of? Let him run and lose. Why do you need to bar him from running again if he’s Hitler reincarnated?

            You sound scared.

            By the way, what happened on Capitol Hill was a few dudes dressed like Conan the Fauxbarian acting like fools and occasionally fighting with the cops while a few hundred other dudes and gals took selfies in the Rotunda as they walked within the rope line. Some panicked idiot Demo cop shot and unarmed patriot in cold blood.

            The idea of an “insurrection” is to delegitimize all resistance to the garbage Establishment’s reign of error, and to play along is to give credence to its lie and to empower its propaganda. You have done nothing wrong by rejecting the Establishment narrative. You have done nothing wrong by protesting what you see as a flawed election and a corrupt ruling class. You have a right to protest anything you want, and you don’t need their permission.

            Dissent is patriotic. Or did that end when it became inconvenient?

            They hype the happening because they want to make you afraid to speak up. They want to try to make it impossible for you to live in this society if you do not parrot the party line. They won’t say it that way. They will try to wrap themselves in the same flag they were calling a symbol of white supremacy last year to try to seize some sort of moral high ground and shut you up. Like they give a damn about the Constitution. This tiresome “insurrection” and “sedition” palaver is just a ham-handed attempt to turn 74 million Americans – almost none of whom wear Thor drag – into enemies of mom and apple pie, which is weird because they usually hate traditional family structures and non-kale foods.

            This kind of baloney is par for the course for the Democrats. They’re going to call you an “insurrectionist” today and a “racist” tomorrow and some other hogwash after that, so who cares what they say?

            Now, I also had the chance to see the wreckage of a real insurrection when I was in Kosovo with the Army after the fighting ended. An insurrection means ruins and mass graves, not some dude in a horn hat wandering around the House as a police officer asks him to chill. Don’t let them define insurrection down to mean “Anything conservatives do.”

            The Democrats’ cat’s paws spent six months burning down the cities and this overwrought handwringing only draws attention to the discrepancy in elite caring between when the pols were vaguely threatened and when the proles were losing everything.Kurt Schlichter, February 11, 2021

      2. No WRONG! The overblown “deadly force” was the result of hundreds of right and left wing extremists mixed together, no where near the thousands of peaceful protesters attending the rally on Jan. 6.

        Protestors cannot OVERTURN an election you lying POS!

        “And calling on the federal government to impose “fairness” requirements on editorial decisions by private publishers is so very, very faithful to the First Amendment.”

        OK, I’ll bite on your DEFLECTION comment which makes up 99% of your posts because YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH FACTS! Got it?

        Editorial decisions on “private publishers” bare a responsibility to report the TRUTH. Guess you are clueless and missed that the editorial decision to FALSELY portray Sandman at the Lincoln Memorial that resulted in out of court settlements for CNN and the Wash Post paying probably millions to Sandman for IRRESPONSIBLE FALSE reporting.

        Web publishers like Twitter, Facebook and others are making editorial decisions daily when while they don’t comment, but do CENSOR free speech and 99% of that speech is from conservatives and Republicans.

        Your sickening IGNORANCE of what is going on is typical of a leftist LIAR. Section 230 protects Big Social Media from being sued for DISCRIMINATING, CENSORING and BANNING people for politics the leftist snowflakes cannot stomach.

        What part of that do you not understand?…

        1. I understand perfectly. You want the media to report the TRUTH as you see it, and you want the Federal Government to punish IRRESPONSIBLE FALSE REPORTING as you see it. I understand that you think that the First Amendment allows the Government to dictate the content of private media to protect people who hold your views from private parties who disagree with you. I understand that you vehemently oppose LEFTIST SNOWFLAKES who will not help you promote your point of view and want the Government to force them to repeat your message. I understand that you do not want the Government to allow a free public debate between independent media expressing leftist and rightist points of view because YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH FACTS as you and the Government choose to define them.

          I understand all that. I just don’t agree with it.

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