Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.2

Apple today released macOS Big Sur 11.2 which improves Bluetooth reliability and fixes the following issues:

• External displays may show a black screen when connected to a Mac mini (M1, 2020) using an HDMI to DVI converter
• Edits to Apple ProRAW photos in the Photos app may not save
• iCloud Drive could turn off after disabling the iCloud Drive Desktop & Documents Folders option
• System Preferences may not unlock when entering your administrator password
• Globe key may not display the Emoji & Symbols pane when pressed

Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices.

For more detailed information about this update, please visit:

For detailed information about the security content of this update, please visit:

MacDailyNews Take: Plus, it’s schnappy, too!


        1. @WriterGuy. Haha! You made my morning. I wish there were 👍🏼 or FB style 🤣 tags we could put on posts here, rather than needing to reply like this (one of the rare things FB actually does well).

          That being said, depending on how my day is going, when the query is about a problem and a bunch of people say, “not my problem,” it can be annoying because it’s not particularly helpful unless there’s a very large sample size.

          In the olden days (as my little sister and I used to call them) there were Mac User groups and ListServs. They were great for troubleshooting issues especially when you found a pocket of people with the same bug they were trying to figure out. But even when we had (in theory) a few hundred people reading the posts, the “not my problem” replies seemed mostly a waste of time.

          Perhaps silence is the better part of valor in this case? 😶

          I just did the update yesterday on my M1 MBAir and have not seen any issues yet, but hoping it fixed the bugginess of Messages that only seems to exist in Big Sur. I really would be curious if anyone else is having trouble getting the contextual menu to drop (I use tapback a lot to shorten texting exchanges) and/or spellcheck reliably working. This was a completely clean install and no old user data (other than syncing my Apple ID stuff) was brought over.

          So it’s puzzling. 🤔

          But yeah, tough room. Nothing personal. Hope you’ll hang in there. Forums always need people who can string a decent sentence together. ✍🏼

  1. Is anyone else having trouble with auto spellcheck and/or the contextual menu not always appearing in Big Sur Messages? This occurs on both a mid 2020 Intel MBP, as well as a new, completely clean install on the latest M1 MBAir. Only in Big Sur. Be great if this fixes it…

    I like a lot of things about Big Sur, but it’s been buggy for me like no other upgrade I recall in some time.

    1. Haven’t had this problem but Safari crashes several times a week at least, I also constantly get the “This webpage was reloaded because it was using significant energy” message. At the very least my tabs are preserved when I reopen Safari. It’s better than Mojave and Catalina, but it’s still way too shaky.

  2. Got my M1 Mini last week (16GB RAM, 1TB HD) and worked like a dream.

    Was a Beta user before so did the same and just this morning disabled it. Hope this release is more stable than the Beta I had.

  3. The upgrade to 11.2 on my new M1 MacBook Pro was perfect. The two miner glitches that I notice is that when I am texting in (Apple) Messages, I have to scroll down down manually unlike 11.1 where it worked perfecting. In 11.1 switching my Air Pods Pro between my iMac and my M1 MacBook Pro was easy but not the hand off with my headphones only works about 1/2 the time. Hopefully Apple will get this sorted in the next release.

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