It’s official: Flash is dead as Adobe blocks Flash content entirely

It’s official: Flash is dead. After Adobe dropped support for Flash Player and continued to strongly recommend that all users immediately uninstall the browser plugin for security reasons, the company has now blocked Flash content entirely.

Adobe Flash was a multimedia software platform used for production of animations, Rich web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, mobile games, and embedded web browser video players.

Adobe Flash logo
Adobe Flash logo
Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

When a user attempts to load a Flash game or content in a browser such as Chrome, the content now fails to load and instead displays a small banner that leads to the Flash end-of-life page on Adobe’s website.

While this day has long been coming, with many browsers disabling Flash by default years ago, it is officially the end of a 25-year era for Flash, first introduced by Macromedia in 1996 and acquired by Adobe in 2005.

Over the years, Flash had an infamous reputation due to numerous security vulnerabilities that exposed Mac and PC users to malware and other risks, forcing vendors like Microsoft and Apple to work tirelessly to keep up with security fixes.

Finally, Flash is dead.

MacDailyNews Take: Adios, crap.

Adobe… your shitastic Flash must die.MacDailyNews, February 5, 2010

Read Steve Jobs’ famous “Thoughts on Flash” 2010 open letter here.

Steve Jobs


        1. Tim Cook is a weak individual who is seemingly obsessed with appearing saintly to a certain class of cretins who call themselves “progressives,” but who are anything but.

          Tim Cook is a hypocrite who long ago hijacked and bastardized Apple’s brand to use to further his own political agenda.

          Steve Jobs sucked at choosing CEOs.

  1. And seventh, the secret reason. When Jobs returned to Apple and was going around to all it the big software companies trying to get development commitments in order to help Apple back from the brink of death, Adobe gave him the middle finger.

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