Apple CEO Cook to make a ‘big announcement’ Wed., calls for accountability over storming of Capitol Building

Apple removed the social media app “Parler” from its App Store over the weekend. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the platform violated Apple’s terms of service by not adequately monitoring posts that incite violence. CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King spoke with Cook about the storming of Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 and asked him what he thinks needs to happen next. She also teased a “big announcement” coming Wednesday morning from Apple.

CBS News:

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Cook: I think it’s key that people be held accountable for it. This is not something that should skate. This is something that we’ve got to be very serious about and understand and then we need to move forward.

King: Do you think the president, President Trump, should be held accountable for it?

Cook: I think no one is above the law. I mean that’s a great thing about our country. And we’re a rule of law country. I think that everyone that had a part in it needs to be held accountable.

King: We’re all told as little kids, “There are consequences to your actions,” but I don’t know how we just let this go.

Cook: I would agree. I don’t think we should let it go. Holding people accountable is important.

King: And you can see more of our exclusive interview with Tim Cook on CBS This Morning. He didn’t sit and say, “I want to talk to CBS about this.” This was an interview that was scheduled because they have a big announcement that they want to announce tomorrow. It’s not a new product, we should say it is not a new product. It’s something, I think, bigger and better than that so… he agreed to answer other questions but that wasn’t the purpose of the interview. It’s very exciting… what we’re going to tell you tomorrow is very exciting.

MacDailyNews Take: First off: Would that King’s and Cook’s words of concern applied uniformly to every act of public violence, looting, vandalism, arson, and murder and that every app, platform, and service that failed to stop or facilitated such fomenting were held accountable and received the same treatment under an equal standard.

Apply the standard equally or you risk undermining your legitimacy, making your actions look capricious and ill-considered.

Anyone who commits violence against another, loots, vandalizes, and/or commits arson or murder should be held accountable under the law.

It’s simple: Apply “liberty and justice for all.”

Again, as we’ve consistently said, Apple’s stated reasoning for pulling Parler is fine, if applied uniformly.

Yet, Twitter, Facebook, etc. remain available on Apple’s App Store.

Anyone who claims that Twitter and/or Facebook have robust content moderation in place that effectively removes harmful or dangerous content that encourages violence and illegal activity is either ignorant or lying.

Now, what is this “big announcement” coming Wednesday morning from Apple that’s “not a new product,” but is something that King thinks is “bigger and better” and “very exciting?”


  1. The ultimate ultraconservative refuge is “you are not perfect, so anything that I do is OK.” I saw a post above complaining that BLM and anti family were treated with kids gloves. Really? The Prez shipped in illegal federal troops wearing random gear who basically kidnapped people without due process. Those guys could have been armed and armored right-wing supremacist groups for all that the victims knew.

    The Prez also encouraged armed U.S. citizens to go into these areas and act like vigilantes, stirring up violence and taking advantage of it to turn the anger into destruction. People came in from out of state to kill and destroy, just as they did more recently in Washington D.C.

    Did BLM protestors vandalize and commit acts of arson? Yes, a small subset did and those people should be held accountable. Looting and arson is not peaceful protesting. But you have to (at least attempt) to understand the foundations of BLM – decade after decade of young black men killed by law enforcement under conditions that would have caused federal action if it were white men being killed.

    You can advocate for law and order while also acknowledging that there are substantial and systemic flaws in the system. Law is part of our social system. Law needs to work with the people, not work against them.

    The people who rioted, destroyed, and killed at the U.S. Capitol in an act of insurrection against America we’re doing so based on the self-serving lies of the Trump Republican Party. They were not fighting for freedom and democracy, they were fighting for the fascist objectives of an egomaniacal and demented orange would-be dictator. I will never forget or forgive them, or their supporters across this nation. You were WRONG and have been for years.

    1. No, it wasn’t “stormed”.
      Conservative posters were on all Mac sites that I used to visit and the talk was mostly Mac.

      However, at pretty much EVERY other Mac site I went to, if a leftist political point of view was expressed and I rebutted, my reply was deleted by an administrator. NOT THE LEFTIST RANT THAT STARTED IT (goodbye MacWorld!). I saw this happen to other posters.

      MDN didn’t delete these (usually….) so the discussions became heated and drawn out.
      Soooo… 12-15 years and now the Leftist, protected in most of their sites from the utter, vile thoughts of Conservatives, have decided to delete us at the throat.

      And you really think the Right represents Fascism.
      What a joke.

  2. Cook must not realize that every time he opens his mouth at this point, he is costing his company business. He already has all the lefties who can afford his products, and he is turning off all the middle class suburbanites who saw Trump as their advocate, even if they didn’t like all his tactics. Hold people accountable? Are you kidding? What about all the rioters who turned Portland into a war zone? Where is the accountability for them? The hypocrisy is just dripping here.

  3. Wish we could be speculating about the big announcement instead of all this political stuff.

    But I will say this and nobody can convincingly deny it. Without Donald Trump’s exhortation to bring a “wild” crowd to the Capitol and without his exhortation to march down to the Capitol with them (which he didn’t because not only is he the biggest whining snowflake p***y on the planet, he’s a coward), the mob would likely not have existed in the first place and this quite likely would not have happened, period. And without his years prior lies about the election being “rigged” by forces so mysterious that not only did they change or add millions of votes without being once outed, detected etc., there would have been nobody to listen.

    If there really is a conspiracy group so effective as to pull that all off without there being a single convincing piece of evidence after TWO MONTHS, then maybe this mysterious cabal SHOULD be in charge. Oh right, they are already, sorry, I forgot that tinfoil hat crowd. That pedophile cannibal stuff gives you super powers.

  4. Hey PickleJar, those summer riots were condoned by Democrats, incited by Democrats, encouraged by Democrats, Democrat AG’s would not charge and those that were, Democrats help raise bail for their release. So Soy Boi let us see how honest you are. One person’s storming is another persons peaceful protest. One’s insurrection is another’s myth. One’s collection of that many people is not an overthrow of the government. It is a gathering of a segment of 80 million people who say there were election irregularities and every US institution that those people pay taxers to support basically gave those 80 million people the finger and told to fuck off. AG Barr, FBI, DOJ, SCOTUS, state governors, state secretary of state, election committees, you name it. The Swamp is alive and well.. You can say there was no fraud. The masturbating media can say there was no fraud. The scum Democrats who for four years attempted a silent coup, can say THIS election was perfect. Not a one of these people actually dove into the weeds of the evidence. Not the FBI, not AG Barr, not the courts. When you blatantly cheat at the game with 80 million people, don’t be surprised for the blowback. But keep treating 80 million as second class citizens whose beliefs and ideology is wrong. Kick them off your airplanes, hotels, and Harvard, etc. Any of these industries and institutions that receive government money and grants or utilize property of US government like that ILS system to help that UnAmerican jet you were kicked off land safely, well, April 15th is coming around. I wonder what would happen if the IRS received 80 million tax returns that included an IOU and some provisos that needed to be met before the IOU is honored. Sure, IRS can dock from paychecks, but oh man, there goes that stupid government inciting people again.

    1. I’ve never eaten soy in my life. This isn’t a “one persons this is another person’s that” argument.

      Any democrat that supported violence was wrong. Attacking the capital and killing an officer of the law is a different ball game all together.

      Also, I hate pickles.

  5. Why didn’t Timmy say this after the BLM protesters destroyed businesses, killed people and burned buildings down week after week all over the country?

    I for one am sick of Timmy’s sanctimonious BS. Stick to getting products out the door and maybe start fixing the long term problems i tour products. In the last month I have had to enter/unlock my apple ID over 50 times. STFU Cook.

    1. Your apple ID problems are below Tim’s pay grade. That’s what Apple Geniuses are for. There are plenty of Apple websites (definitely, not this one) that could also help you solve that issue. If you can’t resolve that issue i’m sure that scumbag company Samsung has some rip offs you might like.

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