Apple working on using Apple Watch to continually measure blood pressure

A pair of newly-revealed patent applications show that Apple wants to make it possible for the Apple Watch to continually monitor blood pressure. Apple’s patent application, “Electrical Coupling of Pulse Transit Time (PTT) Measurement System to Heart for Blood Pressure Measurement,” asserts that it can be done without interruption to the user.

Apple Watch health features
Apple Watch
William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

Perhaps the very first health feature of the Apple Watch was its ability to sense heart rate. Five years and six versions on, it’s still a key feature — and Apple continues to research how to add blood pressure measurements to it.

[Apple’s] “Blood Pressure Monitoring Using a Multi-Function Wrist-Worn Device” patent application, propose using the Watch as just one part of the process. In each of these new applications, the Watch will measure blood pressure by timing how long it takes a pulse to reach it from the user’s heart.

This does mean the user wearing electrodes or some other kind of sensor as well as the Apple Watch. So it’s not going to be adopted by everyone, it will be used when medical advice recommends continuous study.

MacDailyNews Take: If Apple Watch, in conjunction with a simple additional sensor, could accomplish continuous blood pressure monitoring, this would obviously be a very useful information for doctors and patients who require accurate blood pressure data that are more meaningful than a single check in a doctor’s office.


    1. I have chronic cardiac issues including high pressure and arrhythmia. If Apple can find a way to do accurately and reliably monitor my BP, I am all for it. The Apple Watch has already sent me to the ER three times in the past two year because it caught a problem before it got out of control. Definitely NOT an idiotic idea!

  1. I would love to be able to record a history of blood pressure readings taken every 15 to 30 minutes over a week or two. What a great tool to evaluate a person’s true condition as opposed to a few samples taken at a doctor’s office.

  2. Why not just ditch the useless clock function on the watch and turn it into a octogenarian ‘really cool’ must-have gadget. Wow … just think of it … a millennial snuggles up next to a cool, metro sexy babe at a bar, sticks his wrist out, orders his mint julep, and suggests to her that his watch is right there, monitoring his blood pressure EVERY SECOND WHILE THEY CHAT. Boy, what a turn on. LMFAO! Hey … the BLM protest is waiting for you outside to go join, sheep.

      1. It was a little strange right up to “BLM protest,” which at that point it was both strange and completely disjointed.

        Since you were talking about a dude with a babe at a bar and blood-pressure, I thought it might be a natural step into hoping for a new A-Watch feature that might give the dude notice if he needed a little bone supplement, or not.

        But no, you drove off the road, crashed and burned into the field where the sheep were grazing. Tryptophan overdose, obviously.

      1. I’m pretty sure the Russian trolls didn’t like you gave notice to the Chinese. After all, the election hasn’t been confirmed, so the Russians are still the go-to troll. Comey, et al, agrees.

    1. This is a really weird comment. According to BigX, I was an octogenarian when my doctor first prescribed blood pressure drugs and required me to take periodic blood-pressure measurements. That explains why I am, according to BigX, 116 years old today with a life expectancy of an additional 21 years. When they come out with an Apple Watch that can take blood-pressure measurements, I will immediately buy one.

    2. Would want longer power life in such a device, my watch barely makes it through the night while sleeping.

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