Foxconn finally fires up Wisconsin factory hailed by President Trump

Finally breathing life into a factory hailed by U.S. President Donald Trump, Foxconn Technology Group plans to assemble key components for Google servers at its Wisconsin factory, Bloomberg News reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

President Trump participates in a groundbreaking for the Foxconn facility in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin in 2018. Photographer: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images
President Trump participates in a groundbreaking for the Foxconn facility in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin in 2018. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

Debby Wu and Mark Bergen for Bloomberg News:

The Taiwanese company has decided to locate production for this new contract at the existing complex rather than make the components at home or in China, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing a sensitive move. The under-utilized factory should start mass production in the first quarter, timed with the release of Intel Corp.’s Ice Lake server chips, they said. Foxconn is setting up surface-mount technology assembly lines that it will use to place semiconductors onto circuit boards, they added.

Foxconn, known also as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., is one of several Taiwanese firms exploring ways to expand in America and lessen a reliance on Chinese production bases. The company has also sought to diversify a business that counts on Apple Inc. for half its revenue, including by courting more American clients. On Thursday, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. won city-level incentives for a $12 billion chip plant in Phoenix, another step toward bringing high-tech manufacture back to the U.S. and addressing security concerns over the industry’s supply chain.

MacDailyNews Take: Finally, some movement by Foxconn in Wisconsin!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Among other states, Wisconsin and Georgia will ultimately go to Trump, and rightly so, based on the final legal vote tallies.

    1. In another shocking development, a lot of Americans use a post office box as their mailing address! Even more shocking, those Americans (who are registered to vote at a physical address) might ask that their ballots be sent to their box, rather than to a physical address where they do not or cannot receive any of their mail. The number of such folks is far short of the margin for Biden in any given state.

        1. I read the petition. Page after page of unsubstantiated innuendo leading to a plea to throw out the whole election and disenfranchise 3.24 million Wisconsin citizens who cast their votes expecting that they would be counted. Meanwhile, the recount of 460,000 votes in Milwaukee County has so far revealed a change of less than 60 votes on the bottom line.

            1. Breaking:

              Pennsylvania judge blocks state from certifying election results in presidential and all other races.

          1. Breaking: a trial-level judge enjoined further certification “to the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election.” There isn’t any. The Elections Board has already certified the results and the Governor has appointed the Electors. They will meet on December 14 and perform their duty to vote for the certified winner.

            1. PS. The plaintiffs seek to invalidate ALL of the Nov. 3 election, which would require a redo of all the downballot races. Do you think all the Republican legislators who were just re-elected want to go to the trouble and expense (to themselves and the taxpayers) of a new election in which they will be facing 3.5 million furious Biden supporters who will blame them for subverting the prior election?

            2. The “no excuse” absentee voting procedures adopted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly violate Sec. 14 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution.

              The Plaintiffs claim that all votes cast by individuals who were not eligible to vote under the provisions of the Sec. 14 of the Constitution, are invalid and should be removed from vote totals in all races.

              The “no excuse” absentee ballot option was passed as part of Act 77. But at the same time, the legislators passed an identical amendment to Sec. 14 of the State Constitution to alter the language of that Section regarding authorized Absentee voting.

              The issue is that constitutional amendments must be passed in two successive sessions of the Pennsylvania Assembly, published in newspapers of general circulation in each County of Pennsylvania, and then be adopted by a majority of voters in the next general election before the amendments become effective. The proposed amendments to Sec. 14 have only been passed in one session of the Assembly, and have never been published or voted on by the public.

              Yet, the state government put the provisions of Act 77 into immediate effect as if Sec. 14 had been amended.

            3. I have never been licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, but I can read. Article XII, Section 1 of the Pennsylvania Constitution currently in effect reads as follows:

              “Every citizen 21 years of age, possessing the following qualifications, shall be entitled to vote at all elections subject, however, to such laws requiring and regulating the registration of electors as the General Assembly may enact. 1. He or she shall have been a citizen of the United States at least one month. 2. He or she shall have resided in the State ninety (90) days immediately preceding the election. 3. He or she shall have resided in the election district where he or she shall offer to vote at least sixty (60) days immediately preceding the election.”

              So, everybody has the right to vote and that right may not be unreasonably infringed. The Commonwealth has an affirmative duty to avoid infringing the right to vote during the pandemic, as at every other time. How can Pennsylvanians vote safely? Article XII, Section 4 reads:

              “All elections by the citizens shall be by ballot or by such other method as may be prescribed by law; Provided, That secrecy in voting be preserved.”

              It is undisputed that a general law adopted during the current session of the Republican-dominated Pennsylvania General Assembly (Act of Mar. 27, 2020, P.L. 41, No. 12) has indeed prescribed for voting “by ballot or such other method as may be prescribed by law,” including provisions for no-excuse mail-in ballots.

              You cite Article XII, Sec. 14, which provides specifically for absentee ballots. In relevant part, “The Legislature shall, by general law, provide a manner in which, and the time and place at which, qualified electors … who, on the occurrence of any election, are unable to attend at their proper polling places because of illness or physical disability … may vote.”

              One might argue that the Covid-19 pandemic renders it impossible for many voters “to attend at their proper polling places because of illness,” but that argument would actually miss the point, which is that P.L. 41, No. 12 amends Election Code Sec. 102 (z.6) to specifically state that “mail-in voters” are not “absentee voters.” You may recall that President Trump rather constantly repeated that same notion over the last several months.

              Art. XII, Sec. 14 applies only to absentee voters, so it does not apply one way or the other to mail-in voters (or disabled voters, or non-English speaking voters, or any other special category of voter apart from absentee voters). The votes cast by mail-in voters are regulated solely by Art. XII, Sec. 4, and the statutes adopted under the authority of that section. Nothing I could find elsewhere in the Constitution limits the General Assembly’s authority to provide for mail-in ballots or any “other method as may be prescribed by law.”

              In short, this claim is right up there on the Truth Meter with “the Chinese virus will disappear with warm weather.”

          2. “Lawyer,” I don’t know that anybody but us is still reading this thread, but I thought I’d let you know that I have tried to read your 108-page bit of Kraken excrement. Besides the amateurish spelling mistakes, it is the sort of garbage that used to get you disbarred in Texas for knowingly filing a false pleading.

            Quite apart from the paranoid basic thesis—that the rabidly Trump-supporting Republican Governor of Georgia has consciously entered into an organized conspiracy with the CIA and the Governments of Venezuela, China, and Iran, among many other conspirators, to steal the election for Biden—the individual allegations lack any logic whatever.

            One of my favorites is Paragraph 16. It seems that 96,600 absentee ballots were counted as requested but never returned by the voter. (Hardly surprising, as that many people could easily change their minds and either vote in person or not at all.) Therefore, the Kraken argues (in italics, no less), 96,600 of the ballots that actually were returned must be disregarded. There is no justification given for that conclusion, and that absurdity is typical of the whole document.

            If this is the best the Kraken can do, she better hope for Harry Hamlin to ride up on Pegasus to stage an intervention.

            1. Thousands of specific, identifiable voters, cast ballots after they moved out of Georgia as evidenced in their registration in a national database, and may even have cast votes in their new states also which can easily be checked against the other state’s records. This accounts for thousands of votes.

              In addition, thousands of identifiable, specific registrations at fraudulent addresses such as P.O. Boxes, non-residential, etc.

              These illegal votes are easily provable and of a sufficient volume that their disqualification would affect the outcome of the election.

            2. News Flash! We are in a major recession due to a global pandemic. Many people, including many Georgia permanent residents, have been forced to travel temporarily to other states for employment reasons. Those people may have out-of-state mailing addresses and still be qualified Georgia voters. Once someone has established a Georgia domicile, they retain that domicile until they have established a new one by being physically present in another state with the intent to remain there indefinitely. They can vote in Georgia but cannot vote in the state where they are physically present.

              The mail-in ballot was developed in 1864 for precisely that situation. When the Trumpists produced a similar list in Arizona, it turned out that many of the out-of-state addresses were on military bases where Arizona residents and their families had been deployed. Eliminating mail-in voting would disenfranchise the people most of us regard as heroes and Mr. Trump calls suckers and losers.

              There are similarly a lot of reasons why someone who has a valid Georgia physical residence that they used to register might choose to have their mail, including their mail-in ballots, sent to a PO Box or their office.

            3. On the contrary, I’ve been lurking lately, enjoying your precise, witty destruction of stupidity and nonsense.
              Take a bow, you deserve it.
              Stay safe everyone.

    2. The corporate media wants you to forget that the Electoral College has not convened yet.

      That the Supreme Court is now 6-3 Conservative constitutionalists vs. 3 minority liberal fools .

      That the real Trump lawsuits are just now actually starting to hit the courts.

      1. We don’t know that anybody (or at least any significant number of voters) registered to vote with a post office box address. At most, we know that some voters asked that their mail-in ballots be mailed to the address where they actually get their mail. Sort of pointless asking that your ballot be sent someplace where you will never receive it.

      1. Donald J. Trump spent months telling Republicans that they should avoid voting by mail because their votes might not count. He insisted that they should vote in person, even if that required placing their health at risk. Democrats, on the other hand, told their voters to be safe and vote absentee if it was physically and legally possible for them. Pennsylvania’s legislature specifically denied local election authorities the power to count the mail ballots as they came in, so they were instead counted after all the in-person ballots.

        As a result of those two factors, Trump appeared to have a wide lead in the state until all the mail ballot results began pouring in… in clusters, because that is how machine counting works. The mail ballots were overwhelmingly for Biden. Every responsible commentator had predicted long in advance that this is exactly what would happen. It was not “an anomaly suggesting fraud.” Making that suggestion is itself fraudulent.

        By the way, this hearing isn’t being held by the Pennsylvania State Legislature as the caption suggests. It has no official status or sponsorship. It is a private partisan event being held by the Republican members of the Legislature. The witnesses are not subject to cross-examination or any other form of verification.

  2. lol…”Lawyer” is probably Rudy Giuliani.

    The election is over. Biden won, but you just cannot accept it. I find this interesting, because Trump won in 2016 by roughly 77,000 votes spread out over three swing states with the help of Russia. Yet you declared that a massive win and a mandate (even with a 2.9M loss in the popular vote total).

    True first step is to admit that you have a mental problem…

    1. Kingmel,

      Your touting as Russia helping Trump is just more proof that you are a fucking idiot of epic proportions. Not only has it been proven to be a hoax, it was proven the it was the Demonrats who worked with Russia. The fumes in your ass has destroyed your brain.

      I call you an idiot as a public service as you are too stupid to know it.

      1. It was only “proven” that there was insufficient evidence to prove collusion. But Russian interference and influence, broadly, was widely obvious. It’s part of the reason you and so many others feel the way you do about Trump. And the mainstream media, for that matter. The Russians manipulated social media to convince people that Trump was a genuine human being with feelings for anyone other than himself, and that Clinton was a crook (even I’m not sure about that last part). Their purpose was to divide our country and they’ve succeeded. You only have to look at the current political climate. Perhaps someday you’ll become woke and figure that out. In the meantime, the majority of Americans can only pity you.

        1. Meanwhile, the Nevada Supreme Court certified the Biden victory on Tuesday and three other Nevada lawsuits raising the same claims as this suit have been dismissed so far this week. You know a litigant is getting desperate when he regards it as a “huge victory” that the judge even granted a hearing.

  3. Trump is done. Stick a fork in him. Over 80 million Americans united to cook his goose (to stay with the metaphor). Decency, competence, and honesty returns. America is back. Wall Street loves it, but it is Main Street that will benefit most.


  4. Thank you President Trump for your economic policies now bearing fruit from the seeds you planted years ago as a policy result from your business observations decades ago.

    As I have been advocating all along for years, the more companies that pull out of Communist China committing atrocities and human rights violations, slave labor with next to nothing in worker rights, spying and censoring their citizens — the BETTER.

    Let the Trump HATE BEGIN…

    1. Hmmm, your comment sounds like you finally realize it’s over and Trump lost. Certification is happening in states, the GSA has recognized Biden as President-Elect, and the transition is officially underway. Even the Supreme Court can’t throw the election to Trump now.

      1. If you don’t want to examine the validity of the vote, you’re a Democrat with TDS who’s worried that Biden didn’t actually win.

        If you won, examining the validity of the vote should be welcomed, lest you forfeit all legitimacy.

  5. This factory is probably low wage. Mostly budding slavers love lower wage, less unionized, non-living wage jobs which is what Bush meant by “making America competitive” with slave wage nations in order to get rid of the Middle Class, solidify the elitist, predatory upper class, and increase the lower class used to staff low wage labor. This process is ongoing and is not right which indicates that people’s civility is devolving as well as that of governance.

  6. Just in time for Biden to shut it down and get Hunter a nice kickback from the CCP, I mean “Job” and then tell us “those jobs aren’t coming back”.

    Heard that before.

    1. While I think that the two are pulling a grift and influence peddling, it has nothing to do with, and is entirely separate from, Donald’s attempt at election fraud in an attempt to reverse his loss which is sleazy and a potential felony.

  7. It is hilarious if it wasn’t so scary, but ALL the things that the republicans accuse the dems about is actually perpetrated by them:
    1. FAKE NEWS – all from right wing news sources and social media. Lies upon lies with no evidence to back it up. Fueling racial prejudice and bigotry to get votes
    2. UNDERMINING DEMOCRACY – it is the republicans that are trying to get hundreds of thousands of votes thrown, trying to restrict voting in democrat areas, trying to strong arm officials during the certification proces, etc.
    3. ELECTION FRAUD – it is the republicans that have worked to derail democrat votes. Case in point, a republican PAC in Florida spent $0.5M on a supposedly democrat candidate who had the same name as the leading democrat. The fake democrat received 6000 votes and the real democrat lost by less than 500 votes.
    4. ECONOMY – the republicans are no more successful than the democrats. Biden got the US out of the credit crunch hole (that the republicans caused) and after that recovery produced better economic growth than the BLOTUS did in the first 3 years.

    Go ahead and put your tin hat back on if you wish but we have your number now and no one is going to fall for that crap again.

  8. I love the desperate tor fake voting by the leftist garbage on here. Just like the real election.

    Now cmon you sick pieces of crap. Tor click those votes. Soothe your loser souls. Dance. Dance you jokes. Dance.

    So delicious.

  9. Foxconn plays this game AROUND the world. They know how to find and take advantage of desperate suckers. Anyone want to place bets on whether or not Foxconn is still just blowing smoke? (hint: they are)

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